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  1. with forks from a 2003 cr250r forks fit in 2006 crf250r stock triple clamps?
  2. yea, ive ridden glamis and sanddunes before but on quads and it was a couple years ago, ive been riding a dirtbike for a year now. the reason im asking about a 250 in the dunes is cause ive heard its really easy to blow your bike up, i jsut think its cuz the people are trying to ride to hard. so 6 paddle? does a 8 paddle hook up too much? thanks for the info.
  3. So me and some friends want to take our bikes to glamis (sand dunes), wondering what preparations we need to do or change before hand? deff. getting paddles, jsut dont know how what the difference in paddles do. also does a 250 even get through the dunes pretty good? any info will help. thank you
  4. One Industries torco graphics on black plastics....
  5. thanks, ya i used the windex idea, didnt work all that well, patients helps a lot plus putting everything in hte sun for a while i think helped too. turned out nice.... i wanted something different and havnt seen these graphics on black plastics so i tried it and look awsome.
  6. thanks. will do:ride:
  7. so i decided to try one ind. torco graphics on black plastics... best way/ easiest way to put them on?? heat and apply? mist and apply? help
  8. So i have an 06 and it came with black plastics. im thinking of trading them to a freind for red ones but i also have white ones for it as well. i would like to know what graphics look good on any of these colors (red,black,white) and where can you find the red bull graphics?