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  1. kawkaw65

    '90 DR 250 Valve Clearance

    Sorry, I was computerless for a minute. Is that a real word? Thanks for the specs guys! My bike is running now but I still have some issues. It will not run without the choke being ON even after the bike is warmed up and if you try to even touch the throttle it just dies. I just changed the fuel filter and put fresh gas in as well.
  2. kawkaw65

    '90 DR 250 Valve Clearance

    I am in need of the valve clearance specs for my 1990 dr250 ditbike. I am trying to save $40 and not buy the manual. If some very kind rider out there with this knowledge can enlighten me I can be back in the trails in no time!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME? I have the bike stripped down and have the feeler gauges ready to go just need the damn specs.
  3. kawkaw65

    I just bought a...........

    Thanks, I thought that was what it was. I appreciate any and all input
  4. Here it is, I'm buying my second bike (1st '92 suz dr 250) a '03 DRZ400 kick start that I found for $1000 bucks which I considered a STEAL. The bike has scratches on plastic which makes it look like an earlier model. This bike has a tough time starting up ( bike has a lot of aftermaket accessories on it) and doesn't hold idle for more than a few minutes that I know. WHAT IS THAT BLUE KNOB RIGHT UNDERNEATH THE CHOKE? I have not yet recieved the manual for this bike and I'm anxious to fix the problem. I notice a significant change when I pull this knob during starting. I plan on doing a lot of maintenance on the bike next weekend ( clean carburator, change plug etc) but if anyone can help me with further knowledge on this model bike, I would love further insight on this model. Seems like original owner put a lot of money in it, drove it hard, and got it took away from him, now I got it. Would love to invest my time and money to revive this beast. Sorry for being a noob, and thanks for your input.
  5. kawkaw65

    '93 klx 650 or '01 drz 400

    I have never liked riding two stroke bikes before and please keep in mind that I don't have very much money and am spending only $1,500 or less on one of these bikes. Sounds like the 650 would make a good supermoto, is this true? And for hitting mostly trails go with the DRZ? I'm going to look at another DRZ tomorrow for the same price range and its an '03 with the plastic not being in the greatest shape. What might be some key points to check when making a used bike buy?
  6. kawkaw65

    '93 klx 650 or '01 drz 400

    Thanks again, I'm keeping up with any posts made here on this topic. Still would love more input if anybody gots any. I still have about 4 days before I buy one or the other.
  7. kawkaw65

    '93 klx 650 or '01 drz 400

    A huge pig??? It wasn't much bigger than the 400 size wise. People say that not much technology has changed thru the years. Is this true? I was searching for a DRZ in the first place but the clean KLX 650 really got my attention. Thanks for your input though
  8. I'm am going to purchase one of these 2 bikes this weekend. Have not test drove them much. The Kawasaki is in great shape for a '93. I prefer trail riding more than anything and would consider making either one steet legal for just road access and what not, maybe go a little SM as well in the future. Out of these two what would be the best? What bike do I have more options with? Which cost more to maintain? I want to keep the bike for years to come. Can someone knowledgable about these type bikes give me some insight, info, or direction PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I will thank you beforehand for any and all input. I would hate to regret my purchase shortly after owning one or the other.