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  1. I used the rubber housing from the stock relay
  2. Generic moto relay from ebay $6. Soldered the DRZ wire harness on. Put it all back together. WORKS PERFECT! And saved $95 :-)
  3. It worked for exactly one perfect start. Then click but no start. Off to the parts store :-(
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. I took the relay out today and while testing it gave it a good sharp rap on all sides with a hammer and wala it works! Guess something was binding or stuck inside and the shock loosened it. I'm putting it back in, well see how long it works. Thanks again everyone. aloha, Andrew
  5. Aloha, I'm getting 12.8v to the relay when I press the start button. When I short across the high current terminals the bike starts right up = bad relay. TT store does not carry starter relay for DRZ400s. Stealership wants $80 for a $10 part. Anyone put a relay in from another model bike or generic. It's just a relay/solenoid right?
  6. Don't forget to clean the inside of the rim (where the bead grips the rim) with a wire wheel/brush. It makes it much easier to seat the new tire.
  7. I have hi cr bars with 4.5" risers and all cables work. Just have to rotate throtle cables down. I'm 5'11" and love the risers. I took a wile to get used to them now standup riding is much easier.
  8. I stand corrected sir. However I do not have a overflow tank and have not lost any coolant in 3 years. I believe that the thermostat is set for too high of a temp and that is why the coolant is moving back and forth from the rads to the tank. Before I wired in the switch I used to see the coolant level in the overflow tank fluctuate all the time. Just my two cents only having observed/worked on my two DRZs
  9. You stated that the bike is a E model. The add says that it is an S. It's an S. The E does not have foot pegs or speedo. Regarding the overflow tank. Some members are claiming that it's critical? If that is so can they please explain why the E model does not have one? My overflow tank cracked just like yours did. I wired a manual fan switch in and turn the fan on when stopped at red lights or riding slow trails and have lost no coolant in 3 years. Cost $2.75 for the switch. I believe the ticking sound is the cam chain. Read the MCCT write up on the forum. Start the bike and adjust the MCCT and I bet the ticking goes away. Realize that these are noisy bikes and do not over tighten the MCCT. Bike looks great! Ride and have fun
  10. Free power mod?
  11. Are you kidding? Buy a good battery. You will need one anyway
  12. I had kick start on my 2000 400s. My opinion is that if it won't start with the magic button you aren't going to be able to kick it over ether. I don't have kick on my 2006 and would never install it. Just make sure that you battery is healthy and ride. Riding in Hawaii is trial-ish and the button is great on hills and tight spots. Aloha
  13. This is what I did to quiet my bike. Not sure which Yosh exhaust I have tho
  14. Check out the quiet insert I made. It works great! "$7 Yoshimura quiet insert DIY"
  15. I can take the shifter edge off with a file before you can even get your Dremel or grinder out of it's case. Use a file!