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    Keihin KTB Plunger Problem

    There are no leaks and the carb is clean. How much wear is acceptable on the plunger/piston body?

    2007 KX450F Timing Chain Jumping Teeth

    Timing chain may have a kink too. Buy a new one!

    Why's it popping?!

    Use your imagination to CAREFULLY remove that cover from your A/F screw. I have used a drill in the past, but a wood screw and pliers may work just fine. I would imagine you don't need the larger pilot jet. Popping on decel is typically a lean mixture issue. Turn your A/F screw counterclockwise a quarter turn and see if it gets better. I adjust my A/F by riding in a straight line in second gear at half throttle. Then I quickly release the throttle. If my engine pops,...I turn the screw out. If it doesn't pop, I'll turn it in til it does and then back it off around a half turn. Good luck!!
  4. I have a Keihin KTB on a 2007 Honda Rancher 400. The engine will run (not perfect) and I can ride it around the yard when I remove the spring from the piston/plunger assembly. When I reinstall the spring, the engine will not run unless I remove the air filter and manually lift the plunger. I have cleaned the carburetor a couple times and have reassembled it with the service manual as my reference. In case it helps, the engine is mildly difficult to start with the spring out. With the spring installed, it will not start unless I manipulate the plunger. The engine has a new piston, cylinder, rings, head, valves and timing chain. The timing appears correct and the valve clearances are good.

    2007 Rancher 400 Problems


    Honda 2007 Rancher 400 Problems

    I am trying to get my friend's Rancher 400 running. I replaced the whole top end for him and cleaned the carb. I tapped the start button and it fired right up. Then on the next start it was difficult to start and wouldn't idle. It seemed as though the timing was off, so I pulled the motor out and opened the back of the motor. The timing appears to be correct. I don't have the right flywheel puller (mine is 4mm too small) so I had to check and recheck alignment of the marks. I spent about an hour doing that. I felt pretty comfortable with the timing and moved on. Next, I pulled on the flywheel and the entire crankshaft moved! Is this normal? I've been rebuilding motocross engines for years and haven't noticed slop in the crankshaft on them. I haven't seen this before and I don't know what to think. I also don't know what to tell my friend.

    Anyone have any 22mm clamps for sale?

    What are the differences between the 07 and 08 forks? Many TT members recommend adding 08 forks to the 07. Does anyone run a 90/100-21 instead of the 80? Pros/Cons? What types of soil do you ride? The MX51 and M403, per the manufacturers specs, are suited well for most of the tracks I ride.

    Eastern NC?

    There are quite a few tracks in this area, I'm near Havelock and can be at a track in 90 minutes or less. Jacksonville has Halfmoon MX on Ramsey Road, JMP and Sandridge is near by. Maysville has the Jimmy Weinert Motocross Training Facility. If you are an advanced rider, it will give you the most challenge. I've heard their newest track, "Insanity", requires approval by Jimmy to ride. Basically you have to be a solid "B" rider or better. There is a track near Tuscarora that is open from time to time, but may have closed permanently as I have seen any info regarding open times. You've been to Busco; the free for all of the south. The only rule that I am aware of for Busco is: you have to wear something that resembles a helmet. Beyond Washington is 5 Points MX, Creswell MX is another hour beyond 5 Points in Creswell, NC. There are some other tracks south and east of Jacksonville too. Countyline MX and Haw Branch are out that direction. Hog Heaven is a popular facility just off the I-95 corridor between Benson and Smithfield. Hopefully the W2R pages return to Thumpertalk, the maps makes it a lot easier. I'm not sure how far you are willing to travel, but Durhamtown Plantation is a helluva time. It is between Augusta and Atlanta, GA. It takes about 8 hours to get there, but 8 MX tracks eases that pain. Great for a long weekend!!

    New KYB metal Free Piston assemblies

    Do these metal free pistons fit the 2006 RMZ-250?

    Heading to Ridgeland, SC

    Live Oak MX is about an hour and 15 minutes away in Daisy GA. That track is all sand, or was when I was there a few years ago. They talked about hauling clay in. If you want to ride your ass off, load up and go 3 hours north to Union Point, GA. There is a huge facility there called Durhamtown. They have 7-9 MX tracks and TONS of trails. Durhamtown is 100% hard pack GA red clay. If it rains it gets slicker than snot. They have a pro shop and kitchen on site.

    Anywhere to ride between Smithfield and Wilmington

    Closer to Jacksonville, there is Sand Ridge MX, Halfmoon MX park,Jacksonville MX park and the Jimmy Weinert Motocross Training Facility. Toward Washington and beyond, 5 Points MX is just past Washington and Creswell MX is in Creswell. All 6 tracks have websites that you can check out.

    valve adjustment on new valves

    How long since they were adjusted?

    07 KX450f leans out in cold weather.

    Your pilot jet may be clogged. With the colder air, your bike will be lean. Adjust your fuel screw a quarter turn at a time till you get the results you are after. I usually ride in 2nd gear at half throttle then chop the throttle. On deceleration I listen for backfiring. If it backfires, bike is too lean. I then richen it a little at a time till the backfire is gone. This method works for me, might work for you if I explained it good enough. If you haven't swapped your stock fuel screw for an aftermarket one that requires no tools, do it. The aftermarket ones make this a super easy task.

    07 KX450f leans out in cold weather.

    Have you checked your pilot jet?

    High compression piston question

    Good luck with it, I hope that fixes you up!