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  1. scoffman

    Place to Ride?

    I would be very interested in a list of the trails in alberta, with some maps...... Also, I was talking to some guys who say they go riding in Mclean all year round, is this true, can you ride there all year?
  2. scoffman

    Alberta Place to Ride?

    I recently moved from Kelowna to Calgary and am looking for a place to go ride some trails. I made it out to the track last weekend for opening and need to get out on the trails now.... I hear Mclean is only open from May - Nov and was hoping some of you knew of other places which have little snow and are open. ps My bike is registered, insured and got the mountain bike lights.
  3. scoffman

    JD Kit Install.....

    I just ordered the R&D flex one with a JD kit. Does anyone know of any problems with the R&D one? I have an 07 450x
  4. scoffman

    Bike for my girlfriend

    Just thought I would update you all. I ended up looking around for used new and all sizes. We finally ended up buying a new '08 Yamaha TTR-230 from last years stock with some rebates and such for a pretty good deal. I am quite happy with the purchase. We also had them lower it down an inch so while she is learning its easy for her to get her feet down solid. She was able to be on her toes with it stock now its not quite flat foot but a bit closer. Once she is comfortable we can lift it back no prob. Thank you all for your input in this decision. Now I just gotta wait for the snow to melt away.... We should be able to ride first week in april... desperately looking for wood to knock on.... It should be a fun year of riding, it will be good to have her out with me to experience the joy in a day of riding. And its a great way we can spend time together!
  5. scoffman

    Jumping a 450X

    that is the other idea I've been thinking of... Buying a cheap 2-stroke to jump around on and hit the track a bit; or a R model 4stroke. Then setup my 450x better for trails. What route do you guys recommend?
  6. scoffman

    Jumping a 450X

    You would use a 450X on the track? I'll never be a strictly track only rider, I love the headlight as I often ride late into the evening.
  7. scoffman

    2007 CRF450X Upgrades

    There has been a few suggestions for suspension... Adjust current suspension or upgrade the components? Oh and for suggestions on bike setup upgrades, I'm 180lbs, 5'11" fairly aggressive rider.
  8. scoffman

    Jumping a 450X

    Does anyone jump their 450X? I have a 2007 450x and am use mine for mostly trails but am starting to take it to the track a bit too. I can hit most of the doubles and tables. I would like to eventually work my way up to hitting some small ramps for fun. Is the 450X capable of taking me through some of this learning phase until I can afford another bike for this purpose? If so is there anything I should do to my bike? I am running mine stock right now, and am looking to upgrade components regardless.
  9. scoffman

    2007 CRF450X Upgrades

    I like the bar upgrade and skid plate upgrade ideas... Those don't come up often. Why would you leave the air box alone? I was thinking about removing the snorkel and cutting in two holes on the sides.
  10. scoffman

    2007 CRF450X Upgrades

    I have a 2007 CRF450X and am looking to do some upgrades. I know there is a couple forums which discuss this issue a bit but its always fun to see what new people have to say about this! I am looking to put about $1000 into the bike. The bike is completely stock right now except for a trail tech computer. I would like to increase power as I miss not being able to pull rolling wheelies at ease. BUT I don't want to overpower the bike as I spend a lot of time riding on single track in the mountains. What do you guys suggest??
  11. scoffman

    Bike for my girlfriend

    Funny you ask the colour question! She likes the blue yamaha bikes, and for gear... pink.. If it means she will come out riding with me, pink will do just fine. There is left over '08's but after rebates and taxes the lowest I found was $4500.
  12. scoffman

    Bike for my girlfriend

    Pretty much every 230 out there a few years old people are asking about $3200 ($2300USD) regardless of condition. These bikes are 4 years old. She went to the dealership today again and sat on the bikes. We are pretty much decided on the 230. Yamaha or Honda I'm not sold either brand, I'm thinking either would be good. (My bike is a Honda...)
  13. scoffman

    Bike for my girlfriend

    What would a fair value for a TTR230 or CRF230 be for something used? 2004-2006? Please spec CAD or USD... lol big difference in value right now on the dollar!
  14. scoffman

    Bike for my girlfriend

    I work in Fort Mcmurray... I hear you, -42C yesterday morning... And I work nightshift!
  15. scoffman

    Bike for my girlfriend

    DND: Where in British Columbia are you from? I live in Kelowna.