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  1. suchesflyer

    3.9 gal clarke and 39mm frc

    thanks, i'm gonna give it a try.
  2. suchesflyer

    3.9 gal clarke and 39mm frc

    thanks for the input. has anyone ever tried to soften the plastic with a heat gun and just make an indentation? is it the right kind of plastic?
  3. suchesflyer

    3.9 gal clarke and 39mm frc

    i put a 3.9 gal clarke tank on my '09 drz400sm with a 39mm frc carb and there isn't enough room between them to pull the choke out. any fixes or advice from the more experienced among us.
  4. suchesflyer

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    i installed my new big clarke tank. i also have an frc carb on the bike and there is not enough room between the tank and the choke button to pull it all the way out. any suggestions or fixes from the more experienced?