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    Problem riding in sandy washes

    Consider getting a 90mm wide tire for the front and run no more than 12.5 pounds of air. If you weigh less than 150 pounds you may want to go lower than 12.5 I have found 12.5 to be the magic number! I weigh 165 pounds. Credit for the magic number goes to Sam at Sams cycle supply in Las Vegas.
  2. ironlife

    09 wr450 jetting 8500'

    Get some more advice from people who know what they're talking about. The Ais removal kit is way less than $100. By the time you add up gas, wear and tear on your car and your time not to mention some money for parts you could hit double on your cost! Your bike comes with a 162 main jet and a 42 pilot. I ride in Vegas and Colorado. I have free mods and dealer installed AIS removal kit. I just moved back to Denver and re-jetted for higher elevation. I run a 48 pilot and a 172 main in Colorado with the needle in the third position down. I run a 50 pilot and a 175 Main in Vegas withe needle untouched. The needle is hard to move! I can change the jets and change my oil in about an hour. Play with the fuel screw until it runs good staying inbetween 1.5 and 3 turns out. Find a GOOD local shop and spend a few bucks there! They are a rescource you will need and it's a good place to meet like minded people! Good luck! C.D.
  3. ironlife

    07+ Stator Talk

    I have a fairly heavily modified 2008 WR 450 that has had the Trail Tech electrical system in it since this time last year. I have done in the last year (no bs) over 100 night rides as until very recently I was living in Las Vegas about 5 miles from Thumpertalk. I started out by installing the electrical system. My stock headlight was much dimmer!I called Justin at Trail Tech and he told me"your light is trying to run off what little AC power is left, hook it up straight to the battery". I did and life was much better. I around this very same time had bought two of their SCMR16 Helmet lights and had been using them off batteries. I hooked up my first Tether or Pigtail to my WR450 and then my 08 Raptor 700R. Life was much, much better! Side Note: the odd ball machines not listed by Baja Designs, Trail Tech that you want to put a tether on but can't get an answer-try it! I was able to run the helmet lights off of a 2209 Yamaha XT250, 2008 Yamaha Wolverine 4 x 4 and a 2008 Yamaha WR 250 R without incident. the utility quads and Dual sport bikes apparently have decent electrical systems stock! I then began to wonder how much faster I would be able to ride if I had this badass helmet light and a much better light on the machines. An incident one night that left me 30 miles from anything with only my stock headlight convinced me more light equals mo better! I installed the Baja Designs Dablo HID and was amazed at how much better I could see/ride at night! No problems with charging or anything for that matter. The only downfall to this setup was anywhere near a road I felt like I had to turn off both my headlight and I always turn off my helmet light as it is too easy to look at something and bliknd them for 5 minutes! The Diablo has a spot in the lower left corner(looking at the back) of the actual light housing for a little 7watt halogen running light. Problem solved! I made some money, rode a lot and wanted to try something different/better. Time for the X2! What a great light! You can't beat this for tight stuff! The light pattern is unbelievable! The SC4(flood) draws 40 watts and MR16(spot) draws 30 for a total of 70watts. With the SCMR16 helmet light which draws 30 I am at 100 watts of load plus my ignition, plus my taillight,meter etc. I start having problems despite turning off the SC4 which is rigged as Hibeam on my handlebar switch immediately upon idling and turning everything off and then shutting my motor off etc. According to Justin from trail tech my stator puts out 100 watts "just off idle" and peak is "just over 100watts like 105 or something. Turns out the bike quit charging riding back over Wheeler Pass from Pahrump to Cold Creek Nevada one night last month. I call Justin he tells me how to test the stator. Stator is good!. Must be the battery. Replace the battery, clean the terminals-go riding. few hours later lights won't fire etc. Voltage low. I go back to camp and tear the bike apart. It turns out the weatherpak coming off the regulator had a bad connection and was a little burnt. A bad connection cause this or max load? I splice in some wire with butt connectors and shrink wrap everything-replace battery again. No problems at all! I think it ws a bad connection. The regulator/Rectifier is a 150watt item. It is only at approximately 70% at 110 watts so it shouldn't be working hard! I am right now putting the Diablo back on with the 7 watt running light set up as Lo Beam on the handlebar switch and the 35 watt Diablo+the 7 watt running light as Hi Beam on the handlebar switch that puts me at 42 + 30 (Diablo&7 + SCMR16 helmet) which is to reiterate 72 watts. I figure the ignition and taillight etc I have to be around 80 watts of load. At idle I should be drawing a little less than whatever a little less than whatever the system puts out. Remember its 100 watts "a little off idle". With a little prompting I got the Baja Designs guy to say basically the same thing. their systems put out the same wattage they just don't speak the same lingo! Baja designs claims a little more output but WILL not be as optimistic when recomending lights. Trail tech is a little more conservative/realistic with their ratings but will recomend lights that max out their system without reservation and rightfully so. If you don't stop much a 100 watts of lights with their system on a newer WR450 will not be a problem. Just shut some stuff off and then kill the bike! Rmember these HID lights draw a little more than double at startup! Kick the X2 and your helmet light on all at once with the bike off and your hitting the battery with over 200 watts! There is no way you are going to get the same 100 watts of a Baja Designs regulator/float the ground mod as you will with Trail Techs system. Look at a stock stator. They don't even wind all the poles or whatever they call them. You are getting 40 or 50 watts of DC with that mod max. Final incarnation: No clutch safety switch, no neutral safety switch, took out a bunch of wires and relays and whatever else. I used one of those two for a hidden anti-theft switch. Works great! Bike will still start with the kick start though. I just ordered 3 AP-2 Auxilary fuse blocks for my machines as I am tired of bumping the handlebar switch and turning my light on and my OCD goes into overdrive and sees the wires and inline fuse holders etc. Here is the link, I'll let you know how it works! http://www.centechwire.com/catalog/panels/ap2.shtml The AP-1 and the AP-2 are dimensionally the same. The AP-2 has the capability for a number of fused auxilary circuits that come on with the main switch via a relay. Both are WATER RESISTANT. Have a good day. Trail Tech is awesome! So is BD but I am not as familar with them. Try their flashlight:-)
  4. ironlife

    WR450 speed?

    Mine will do 88 mph stock gearing. I have a 48 tooth rear sprocket ordered so I can (hopefully) break 100 mph. CD
  5. ironlife

    trail tech stator

    I installed a TrailTech Stator on my 2008 WR450F just before christmas and noticed my headlight was really dim. I called TrailTech and they told me the headlight was trying to run off what little AC powetr was left(ignition requires AC) and that was my problem. It was recommended I hook the headlight up straight to the battery with a switch. I ended up getting the handlebar switch from them with HI/LO Beams and integrated kill switch and have had no problems. I am NOT loloking forward to the first tim e I leave the light on etc. There was oof course no mention of any of this in the instructions. C.D.
  6. ironlife

    WR450 Handlebars

    If you ride standing up and are 6' plus try the KX high. I just installed some on my 08' and the difference was amazing! They are 4.25" bars. I am 6'2". I am going to reverse my F5's from Pro Moto Billet to the "Lowboy position" next and see if that works. It looks like you can lat out remove the little allen screw that came with the footpegs and let them hit the bolt for the peg mount. It might be too cheesy but I would like just a little more!
  7. ironlife

    08 wr frame guards

    Yamaha (GYTR) has some. Perhaps Carbon Fiber and Aluminum.
  8. ironlife

    grey wire mod

    There are two 6 pin connectors behind the panel. It looked like there was only one grey wire between the two sets of connectors. There was no way that little pin was getting pushed out of there so I'm thinking about installing the switch. Any suggestions on switch type/part number? What airbox mods can be done and stay 50 state legal? 49 state legal? Anyone have feedback on the GYTR pipe?Anyone have feedback on the GYTR insert vs the pipe? Thanks CD