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  1. ryan urban

    2006 250x wont start

    I have checked the fuses they are fine the starting coil is fine but ima look at all the things you have told me to look at and see whats up
  2. ryan urban

    2006 250x wont start

    my 2006 honda crf 250x wont start. It tries to turn over but just wont. it just shut off on me one day and when I started it back up It ran for about 5 minutes and now wont start:foul:. the spark plug is not getting any spark:banghead:. If anyone knows what could be wrong please let me know thanks
  3. ryan urban


    well the 250x might be a bit to tall for you but I think you can lower the shocks to were you could ride it. But yes i think you should go with the 250x its a great trail bike and a great track bick I ride a 2006 250x and I cant get enough of it is 220lbs
  4. id go with the crf250x its lighter that the xr, yeah its kinda hard to work on but its worth it that bike is so fun to ride, but if you like yamaha's better then go with the the wr250 thats a great bike as well
  5. ryan urban

    why do so many dislike the DRZ ?

    yeah i do and her drz has alot of mods
  6. ryan urban

    why do so many dislike the DRZ ?

    my girlfriend has a DRZ and i hate riding it, i ride a 06 250x and it is geared down and it blew her DRZ out of the water