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    Big Bore kit for a 2011 250xcf-w six days

    hey MrHix. i like what you said about the thumper racing beeing bolt on, but as i said, my english is not that good. when you said "you can pay the core charge" what do you mean?? what is a "core"? does that mean that they will sell me a new cylinder?? thanks for your answer man. dave-g, you said your son has a 280 kit from athena, do you know if they make a bigger kit?? thanks gauys for taking the time to answer
  2. Hello guys, i am writing because i would like to get a big bore kit for my bike. as i said on the topic title , it is a 2011 250xcf-w six days. i would like to jump to somewhere in between 300 to 350. The problem is that i live in Venezuela, so i would need a kit that they can send me to my country and i can install it here. i also would like a kit that comes with a new cylinder, so i dont have to touch the original one. i have a friend who can get good prices from athena, and a friend of mine bought the athena 300cc kit for is husky, it came with the cylinder, piston, rings, everything, the thing is that i have been trying to find out if athena makes a kit for my bike and i couldnt find anything. if any of you guys know of a kit that from ATHENA that will fit my bike it would be better because i can get good prices from then. in case none of you know about any athena kits, any other suggestion about a kit that comes with new cylinder, pistons and everything so i dont have to touch the stock one will be highly apreciated. thanks in advanced for your answers guys, hope to read your opinions on which kit to get. ps: sorry about the english mistakes. english is not my first lenguage. hope i made myself clrear and you guys know what im talking about and what i need!
  3. Hello guys, i just bought a 2011 250 xcf-w six days . as you guys know, this bike comes with a fan. i would like to buy radiator guards for my bike but i've seen that not all will fit with the fan. i would like to buy a guard that will protect my rad fom side impacts and ALSO front impacts, for example the ktm rad braces will protect the frame of the rad but will not protect them from front impacts. so, the final question is which options do i have??? thanks in advanced for your help guys
  4. hi there you guys, i would like to know if you know of any dirt bike stores in toronto-canada???.... my girlfriend is there right now and i would like her to either buy some stuff for me at a local store or i can buy them online and ship them to her over there, but i would like it to be a candian store so the shipping will be cheaper... thanks in advanced for your help and sorry for the english mistakes
  5. luismiguel81

    Yamalink Problem

    hi there you guys, i´m writing from Caracas, Venezuela, so there will probably be some english mistakes in this text, but anyway, i´ll do my best i recently bought the yamalink from the following link http://www.yamahaloweringlink.com/index.php?content=wr250-yamaha-lowering , and it didn´t fit on my bike... i own a 2008 wr250F so the year of the bike shouldn´t be the prolem because it says it for 08 and 09 models ... in the instructions it says it should fit in the places where the original part is, but the yamalink is WAY wider or bigger (don´t know wich word use there) so it doesnt fit in place. asides from that the original bolt doesn´t go trough the YAMALINK, i used grease and its IMPOSIBLE.... another thing on my mind is that if the yamalink its suposed to lower the bike it should be LONGER than the stock part so the shock can go a little bit further back and down, but it is shorter than the stock part... i know there is a user registered in thumpertalk whose nick is yamalink, so i asume he should work there.... thanks a lot for your time and answers and sorry for he english mistakes.. i knoe some of you won´t probably understand everything i wrote, so if that is the case please let me know so i can make myself clear and all of you know what i´m talking about... thanks again