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  1. Much better ! Thank you again Eddie.
  2. When I bought it in October '08: And Now:
  3. I have switched from a FMF Q4 to a FMF Powercore Silencer. As suggested by Eddie, I am running the: 155 main jet jd blue needle clip 4 stock 22.5 pilot jet 2.75 turns fuel screw Since switching Cans, I am now getting backfire on accel.... just as I let off to shift. Should I now go up to a 160 main jet ??? Or ?
  4. Yep, SDG tall seat cut down to get the seat bump... But it's not comfy ! I have a second seat for long Sumo ride... I took my stock seat cut it down 1" then added 2" of memory foam...and re wrapped it. Now that is Comfy !
  5. Here is my DRZ When I bought it in Oct. '08 And now after a few Mods including 3x3 and JD Jet kit!
  6. Eddie, I finally got time to go the 3x3 and Jetting yesterday... Took me some time since it's the first time working on a carb. But it all went well and she started on the first push ! I'm a still getting a little backfire on the decel... Thank you for your help ! Mark
  7. Sundog is Hookin' me up with a 3 pack of fasteners ! Thanks Sundog !
  8. Actually the one I lost was the upper right. I believe it was my fault. When I removed the clips (washer/ring thingy) that hold it on from the original white side panel I didn't exactly use the proper tool. Didn't really know how to take them off properly, so I did what I had to. (yanked them off with needle nose plyers) Then when re installing them into the new Black side panels, I had to straighten out the clips and push them back on the fastener. I must have broken or damaged the teeth on the clip enough that it no longer did it's job to hold the fastener on the side panel even if it was not properly seated.
  9. 6 fasteners and hardware, washers, rivets and clips 36.08 plus tax and shipping ? But I only need 1 fastener !!! I have not heard from Sundog yet... hopefully I can get 1 or 2 (for a spare) from him and save myself $30 or so... This way I can spend the $30 on something else for this DRZ ! Thanks for the find though...
  10. Sundog, All the other sources I had were dead ends. You seem to be the only person in North America that has them. Can I buy a 1 or 2 from you please ? Let me know, Mark
  11. I live in Oceanside. I Work in Carlsbad off Palomar Airport and Loker.
  12. Right on Sundog ! Are the ones you have stock (chrome) ? Let me see what Racebolts or Kurveygirl can come up with. I will contact you if they do not have the correct sizes etc.. Thanks,
  13. Thanks guys. Today I found a place called Racebolts here is San Diego. The guy said they no longer carry the Dzus line but he did have a few laying around that he could send me. I'm gonna try to get some Gunmetal or Red Anodized. Also, I had e-mailed a place called They have them for Ducati's. Maybe they will work for the DRZ ?
  14. Does any have or know where I can buy/get a Dzuz Dhandle Fasterner ? I lost one of the 3. Anyplace I look online to find one I would have to buy 6 or more. I just need 1 ! For those that don't know what a "Dzuz" is... it's the D handle Fastener/Screw thingymajigger that hold the side panel on for the Air Box potion. Hoping someone might have 1 laying around from old plastics, etc... Please let me know... Thanks !
  15. One more question, it's been a while since I worked on a carb/jetting. If you holding the needle pointing down... do you measure the clip 4 from the Top of the needle or 4 from the bottom of the needle ?