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  1. h2oski7

    2006 DRZ 250 Cold Blooded

    Glenn, It is the 32 mm CV carb. Time to re-jet this carb so I will try that. Thanks for your reply.
  2. h2oski7

    2006 DRZ 250 Cold Blooded

    Always kind of been that way, too. Any suggestions - cleaned carb, but no better, no worse.
  3. h2oski7

    Acerbis hand guard install on DR-Z250

    Thanks so much for this reply. You are right, on my 400 I bent the guard inward slightly to get the fittings squarely inside the handle bar. Thanks again!
  4. Would like to install Acerbis Rally Pro Hand Guards on my son's 250. On my 400, I just removed handle bar weights and stuck them on - 5 minutes and they look great. But on the 250 the grips and throttle tube are closed. Should I just drill em out? Thanks
  5. I have used Motul 5100 Ester based 10W-40 synthetic blend oil in my DRZ 125T and DRZ 250 for years and have been happy with performance. I just did the first oil/filter change on a new 2008 DRZ 400. It takes 1.9 quarts of oil. I decided to go with the same Motul 5100. The first quart was the traditional light golden (beer) color. But the second quart is more of a traditional amber color. Upon reviewing the 2 containers, I noticed slightly different packaging, one with 2006 copyright the other 2008. Any concern here? I am not getting any answer from Motul or dealer. Thanks