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  1. boogn1sh

    Cheapest DIY Servo Bypass

    You are willing to spend money for looks AND willing to buy a different bike just for enduro riding? Spend the KDX money on the WRR and you'll be much happier. Buying a pipe for looks seems kinda silly to me. Go ahead and uncork that sucker and you'll be glad you did! The WRR has plenty of power when uncorked.
  2. boogn1sh

    wr250r power programer settings

    Install the FMF Power Bomb header, modify your airbox, then set your FMF PP to Steveakus numbers: 3 5.5 .5 8 4 4.5 or, use your search button and you'll find and hopefully read this: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=664899
  3. boogn1sh

    Cheapest DIY Servo Bypass

    I picked up a pack of 1/4w 10ohm resistors for $.99 at Radio Shack tonight. Unplugged the boat anchor, then plugged in the resistor. Started it up and no CEL. If you are using an FMF PP or a Power Commander I don't see how this mod would be any different than the Graves plug in terms of FI. Am I missing something? Thanks Wolfie, this mod is cheap and appears to work perfect on my bike.
  4. boogn1sh

    My soon to be new ride

    "Am I out to kill myself?" I wonder the same thing. Never liked the idea of 4strokes. So after 15yrs of not having a dirt bike (i do ride an R6 track bike) I went out a bought a 2003 YZ250 smoker. Damn thing has tried to kill me more than once. It did handicap me for about two weeks, but I'm back now. I'd love to ride a YZ250F just for kicks (plus I L O V E the white 250F), but I bet it is no where near as fun (or painful) as the 2 stroke ;-)
  5. boogn1sh

    YZ250 offroad reviews

    haha, yeah, I replaced the fork guard first thing. So what does an 18" tire do? Same size tire circumference, just smaller rim (meaning more rubber between rim and ground)? What about handle bars. The bars on my YZ are very wide. Makes driving through the tree difficult. What size do you guys use? Thanks for the input guys!
  6. boogn1sh

    YZ250 offroad reviews

    I haven't had a dirt bike since I was 15. Been riding an R6 on race tracks for years and just decided to get back into dirt riding at 35. Picked up a nice 2003 YZ250. It has been tosing me around like a rag doll for two weeks and it hurts. It has a pro circuit platinum pipe. I geared it down for woods riding, bike I like the taller gearing for fire roads and atv roads. A fly wheel weight is next on my list. What about all the off road bikes using an 18' rear tire? SHould I consider this for the YZ? I don't do any MX, all off road. Any recommendations for tires? Most the terrain I ride is very rocky. Anything to protect the pipe?
  7. boogn1sh

    correct mix

    I have been using 32:1 in my 2003 YZ250, is this cool? What would be the benifits/downside of 50:1 or 20:1? Sorry for asking such elementary Qs, but I have been out of the dirt bike scene for over 15 years! Work has been keeping me from getting my R6 to the track as much as I would like, so I picked up this 03 YZ250 yesterday. I needed something to get my moto fix between road race/track days. I have many more Qs on the way.....