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  1. thanks i appriciate that. i have installed a manual tensioner aswell.
  2. :banghead:Does anyone know why or have had timing chain guides keep breaking. i replaced two and the second time the chain aswell..... ***?
  3. the bike runs great. burns alot of oil. any ideas how to check those things?
  4. I have a KLX 650R it gets really hot. i put header tape on the exaust and it took the black out of the tape and now the header tape is freing away almost deteriating away. any ideas what the trouble is. why is it happening?
  5. well i went to full syinthetic oil.... i made a huge difference. i never added oil yet and its been a few hundred km
  6. i have a KLX 650R it has exssive oil burn and out the crank case air breather tube. anyone have an idea why this is happening? sappose to? or any ideas how to fix it.
  7. Does anyone what my have a 96 klx 650 that has it supermotoed can tell me what they used
  8. I was wondering if some one out there may know the setup for making my klx supermoto. Know of any stock mags from another bike or know of a good setup that works good so i dont have to do research or measuring. Anyone have it done? What did you use? Thx for your input.
  9. wondering what the stock 96klx 650r stator wattage is. how many watts does it put out.