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  1. SXP, compared to the WR it will be louder no doubt. It really wasn't that much louder than my stock 08 end cap was and I am running the full diameter outlet. This is one of the big reasons I went with Lexx as I now have an option to put the smaller outlet in to cut down on noise in certain areas as well. I think the carbon fiber gives it a great look as well.
  2. I installed my inner core that you are talking about. I noticed that it gave me a little better bottom and mid after installing the Lexx. Pulling out the old restrictive secondary piece of the muffler made a difference so I can only assume that not installing Lexx core may help even more. If you do it let me know
  3. Thanks man, I picked it up for $2900.
  4. I just picked up a 2008 yz450 and ordered the Lexx XC end cap. I had seen the installation instructions for it prior to ordering and it seems pretty straight forward, is there anything I need to be aware of when doing the installation; and how well has it held up?
  5. The owner had Kip do the suspension last year on the bike, re-valved and everything for 185lb (my weight). He also put new tires on, and valves checked last year, then the owner soon after hurt his back at work and parked the bike. He was also the original owner of the bike so he knew the whole history of it. I am pretty stoked and looking forward to the season.
  6. Thanks YamaLink, I will do that. I won't be riding this weekend as it will be snowing again...But it will give me some time to take care of things.
  7. I just picked it up Sunday and plan on changing all the fluids and making adjustments (chain) and anything else I might need to before I ride.
  8. A big thank you to everyone that gave me some great feedback in my search for my new bike, Silvfx thanks for the phone call as well. This is my first 4 stroke and I am looking forward for the new season.
  9. Hey guys, I wanted some feedback about the 06 model, I am planning on looking at one http://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/2175207641.html and wanted some honest feedback about that year. Are they reliable, any issues that stand out with the motor? Should I be looking at something a bit newer? I will be riding track and trail and probably some hare scrambles. Just looking for some honest feedback on this year. Thanks guys
  10. I agree, the 08 from what I have read up on through the posts is a solid bike with a smoother power band then the 06. I had found another 08 which looks pretty good as well. http://cosprings.craigslist.org/mcy/2181087557.html I will be looking at them both this weekend. Thanks for the feedback
  11. Hey guys, I have my eye on a couple of different models and wanted to get some feedback. Are the two models pretty comparable or does one stand out better then the other year wise? The 08 is going for $3200 and the 06 for $2900. I will be riding track and trail also 2008 Photos https://picasaweb.google.com/warrick321/DropBox?authkey=Gv1sRgCNL_wIm1msyheA&feat=directlink 2006 craigs list http://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/2149526782.html What things should I be looking at on these bikes besides filter, oil, and fork seals? Thanks for the input guys[/img]
  12. I will post pics as soon as I pick one up, now the fun begins.
  13. Those are some good looking YZ450's. What are some things that I should be looking for on the YZ450's to know if they are sound or not. Easy to start, check oil and air filter any thing specific I should look at. Thanks again guys for all the help, hopefully I will be getting a YZ450f in the next couple of weeks.
  14. I actually have a 1993 CR 250 that I will be keeping. If I do another 2 stroke I would try for the 2006 yz250 as it has been pretty unchanged since then (haven't found one listed yet). You had mentioned the valve train on the Honda and I have read that on the forums a few times as well, still I think it got cleared up in 05 or 06. For the 4 stroke I will probably try and stick with the yz450f but no older then 2006. Thanks for the input guys
  15. Hey guys, I am looking at getting my first 4 stroke 450 either the Yamaha or Honda. I am looking at trying to get an 06 or up but can only spend 3k. I came across an 04 crf450 on Craigs List that caught my attention and has had these things done to it. http://denver.craigslist.org/mcy/2154008916.html -Sent head to AS Racing to have the valve seats re-cut and had them install new Kibblewhite SS valves and springs. - New piston and rings. N - New timing chain, water pump shaft and seals. - All new gaskets throughout. - New chain and sprockets. - New fork seals. How does the 04 compare to the 06 models? I know that newer can be better but I am ultimately looking for the best deal possible, so the question, is the 04 a good bet or should I still look for newer? I will be riding track and trail and do family rides as well. Thanks guys