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  1. royone1one

    Buying a Honda? Need some advice

    you like the power of a 450 but like the lightness of a 250. Easy answer... get the 09 450. 450 power 250 handling i have an 09 and its the best bike i have ever owned.
  2. royone1one

    07 crf 450r stuck in gear

    check your shift shaft 1st. mine was doing the same thing and i was about to split the cases to check the shift forks and i decided to check the shaft, and it was bent/cracked from a similar force as you described.
  3. royone1one

    Rad Repair

    http://www.motorcycleradiators.com/ its in utah, so not too bad. and they have 1 day turn around. trashed my 09's radiator and they made it look new.
  4. royone1one

    what wheels to buy?

    i got my DNA's for 399 + tax from AnotherRedHead. Its my second set and i have never had any problems (and i have bent Excel A60's on the first ride)
  5. royone1one

    09 gas in the oil

    i think someone already brought that up somewhere but thanks for posting. i still dont think the things they say are completely air tight because i have only had one instance where there was a noticable ammount of gas in the oil. and it didnt do it gradually. I checked my oil on a thursday (spot on). I then rode and parked my bike till friday to wash it. Washed it then checked again. Still spot on. I then go to ride 2 days later on sunday so i check it and the level is all the way to the to the check hole (almost overflowing). that is not a case of gas dribbling on shut off. Im lost, but the good thing is that it hasnt happened anymore since. so now im even more confused.
  6. royone1one

    Pro Tapers or Renthal Fats

    i know that this thread is about renthal and pro taper. i personally like renthal better. but has anyone tried the easton exp bars. i love those things. i have had them for about a month and they are awesome. they absorb big hits and reduce vibrations. and i havent tested the durability but they should be ok with the size they are. another plus is that they are having a sale on them. if you buy the bars you get all the mounting hardware and clamps for free. i ordered mine from motosport then a few days later i got a call saying that 50some odd dollars was being refunded to me because the promotion wasnt applied to my order. cant beat that. and before anyone asks i dont work or have any association with easton. just like their product. but if it comes down to renthal vs. pro taper. i would choose renthal. just my .02 roy
  7. royone1one

    New style Works Connection skid plate for '09 CRF 450

    i will deffinately be ordering one of those. especially since i already have a pretty big gash/dent in my frame rail.
  8. royone1one

    polishing frame

    Mothers mag and aluminum polish works good. It won't make it mirror finish (which I don't like anyway) but it will clean it up real nice. And it only takes a Terry towl to do it. Rub it on let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe it off. And your frame is clean and shiny again. Plus its only like 5 or 6 bucks and it will last you a while.
  9. royone1one

    Colored Spokes

    pro wheel sells colored spokes and nipples
  10. royone1one

    09 gas in the oil

    just talked to my honda dealer and they are gonna take a look at it tomorrow. ill let yall know what i find out. and still feel free to leave any suggestions cause as of now ill just be changing the oil everytime it does this. thanks in advance
  11. royone1one

    09 gas in the oil

    anyone figure anything out. i changed my oil last saturday and raced at oak hill sunday. checked oil throughout the day after my motos and then again when i was done. oil level stayed the same so no problem. well i read this thread so i decide to check it again before this weekends ride and low and behold, its almost full to the brim. i drained the oil so my dad can look at it but im 99.9% sure its gas. i dont have a 1 way gas vent and the only other mod is ron hamps insert. so what needs to be done. im gonna let is sit till saturday with no oil and see if anymore gas makes its way into the case.
  12. royone1one

    Road trip to Ok., best place(s) to ride ?

    village night track is closed for the winter until at the latest the end of february.
  13. royone1one

    radiator repair

    use them. you wont be disappointed
  14. royone1one

    09 gas in the oil

    I thought the bikes came rich. I think that was one of the main reason for Eddie's reflash.
  15. royone1one

    Road trip to Ok., best place(s) to ride ?

    river valley usually has practice on thursdays. unless something changed.