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  1. skagga

    02 YZF250 won't start!!!!

    Hiya i,m no expert by far ,but my 01 would not start either when hot and i,m talking after 30 secs of running it.I bought a new plug and it started real easy every time.Mind you i,m quite suprised it started at all with the plug i took out it was well knackered had a foot gap between the electrode which had burnt away. Anyway i,d give a new plug a try first only a couple of quid. Hope you get it sorted.
  2. skagga

    Missing hot start switch

    Thankyou all for the replies.Just been having a look and play around noticed that the S plug is either loose or broke,can,t tell til tomorrow until i can get a S plug spanner long enough to get down in the head but when you feel down in there it feels real loose.Also in the yzf250 01 man it shows that the hot start (looks exact same as choke) is directly underneath the choke but its red,so looks like its deff been pulled right out. Went to an mx bike tuning shop today they say they can tune it up nicely meaning set up the valves correctly set the carb and whatever other needs to be set to near perfection,all for £150-175,so i,m going to first sort the S plug out then in a week or 2 take it to be sorted out. Anyway thanx again cheers.
  3. Hiya All I,ve just bought a yzf250 01 and had not ridden it until yeterday as i needed to put some new FW bearings in and new sprocket and chain on.So now yesterday i decide to go for a ride see how it goes,but after starting it which while cold was not to much of a problem i noticed once it got warm and i needed to restart with the hot start plug out that the hotstart pull plug was not on the carb. Now i,m assuming that i bought it like this and as i,ve always rode 2 strokes did,nt think to look as i had no idea it had 1 until i,d bought the bike read up on it and then went to use the hotstart yesterday. Once it,s slightly warm you cannot kick start it, you either need to bump it or wait until its cooled down (20 mins) What i need to know is can i get and replace this hotstart pull plug or is another carb needed also any advice on how to get this starting easy and running nice would be much appreciated as long as it don,t cost to much. Cheers