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  1. What year is your original bike? I looked at the Beon website and they say they only have kits for the sxf. Did you have something custom made up? I've been thinking about doing something similar to a 5-- Exc. The cost of the complete kits is around $6k. I figure it could be a lot cheaper if I go with a street bike style like you have. I think I could source and / or modify some of the body work, but what did you do to your suspension (front and rear)?
  2. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make my muffler look more round again? It's dented near the mounting brackets. I can't post pictures for some reason, otherwise I would.
  3. qball80

    TC250 kick start problems

    trail riding. I understand that the hot start button and the lever do the same thing, no?
  4. qball80

    Blown Engine / BB rebuild

    checked the frame screen. not too bad. Big bore kit is in. Will check oil pressure. Drained oil pan... uh.... 300ml came out. As mentioned before, it was at 3000km since last oil and filter change, but had checked and topped up in between.
  5. I bought a brand new 2008 tc250 this spring. Been riding it about 15 hours or so now. I have trouble kick-starting it when it's warm. sometimes takes 20 tries or so. If I pull the hot-start lever, or the red-knob choke, it feels like there is no resistance to the kick starter. So I find I just sit and wait for a while (or roll if on a hill). Stock everything. Jetting should have been set up for my town and elevations in the shop.
  6. qball80

    Looking for IMS 3.2 or other

    Found one (IMS 3.2) on Craigslist. Love it!
  7. qball80

    Blown Engine / BB rebuild

    after reading this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=9612314#post9612314, I don't think it was lack of oil, but possibly quality and frequency of oil changes. I'll drain the oil and see how much was in there, but I checked the dipstick a couple times over the last two weeks and it seemed fine.
  8. qball80

    Blown Engine / BB rebuild

    My engine blew on my SM last week. Lost power, pulled over, wouldn't start again. Piston looks charred / scored. I don't have photobucket, so no pic provided. I'm probably going to do a big bore 440 replacement. Athena or CylinderWorks off Ebay. Just to be clear: - I will have to rejet? - I don't need 39mm carb? - I can run 87octane gas? - Someone told me I can get the E model lower gasket for higher compression? bike has yosh rs-3, 3x3, jd jetting
  9. qball80

    How long till your motor blew??

    blew around 25000km. oil changes as per manual. Valves were out of spec. fairly aggressive street riding, some trails.
  10. qball80

    DRZ400 tank, help me decide which one

    I just took off the Clarke 3.9g and put on the IMS 3.2. I love the IMS! The height of the Clarke impeded sliding forward and leaning forward for any kind of aggressive riding, street or dirt. Put 1000 kms on the weekend on the IMS and really happy with the choice. 50kms less range but worth it. People with the IMS 4.0, are you worried about dropping the bike on the side and having the gas tank cracked, because the shrouds are the tank?
  11. qball80

    Acerbis Evolution Bar Adaptor

    I don't think they're factory, but yeah, I think I can remove the stock risers. I will check at the shop to see what they have available through distributors.
  12. qball80

    Looking for IMS 3.2 or other

    DRZ400SM I currently have the Clarke 3.9 tank, but it sits up too high and I can't move far enough forward on the seat. Is the IMS 3.2 my best alternative? I don't want the IMS 4.0 with the shrouds filled with gas. Where's the best place to order that tank?
  13. I have a DRZ400SM with Acerbis PHS Evolution handlebar. The bars have an adaptor that mounts to the stock bar mount that raises the bars up about an inch or more. I want to get rid of that adaptor, but the bar is too fat for the stock mount. Any suggestions?
  14. qball80

    DRZ SM Wheels fit?

    I'm selling my DRZ400SM and getting a 250 4 stroke dirt bike. If I keep the DRZ's 17's, will they fit any 250 4 stroke bikes in case I want to do some supermoto track time? If not, what would have to be changed? Just the hub and have it re-laced? Would the small dirtbike front brake be ok for some supermoto time? I don't plan on being really competitive. If these are re-posts sorry. But the screen says I haven't posted in a long time, so now this should get it off my back.
  15. I bought my 2005 DRZ400SM October 2008. I was told that it had the 3x3 mod done to it. It has Yosh Offroad, full system I think. now 17000kms. Elevation is about 1400ft. Mikuni carb My friend and I took apart the carbs today just to see what was in there. I think I smell gas, so I thought maybe running rich. Here's what we found: Holes in top of airbox not 3" X 3", instead (5) 1 1/4" dia. round holes and what I believe was the original snorkel hole. Do the math and 10.89 square inches. see pic (oh I can't post pics) pilot 22.5 main 148.8 (not sure about the .8) need a magnifying glass 62.5 (needle jet?) needle 5dh37 shimmed with little washers 5.9mm. I think I'm going to order the JD jetting kit, so I get the adjustable needle and jets and stuff. But I'm wondering what I should do about the holes in the top? Should I block one off making area 9.6 square inches? or make my main jet bigger than the real 3x3 mod? Trial and error or what? Maybe it runs just fine, but maybe there's power I don't know I'm missing.