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    Need street plate for XR400 '98

    The trick is to keep trying, or makes friends with a cop and someone at the DMV. Technically CA law says you cannot plate that bike. You used to be able to toss blinkers, a mirror, DOT tires, DOT headlight and tail light and a horn on any bike and the DMV would plate it, but CA passed a law to stop it. It now reads that any bike not sold as street legal can be made to be street legal. This is where the off highway part screws you. You actually dont need the CARB sticker on some old bikes if they were sold as street legal because they will let that grandfather in. So if all you want to do is look the part, toss some blinkers, DOT tires and a mirror on and find a motorcycle plate to strap on....just dont get pulled over. Or.....there are still DMVs and cops out there who dont know that that the law passed 2 years ago. Find one of them, the cop has to inspect the bike, then take the inspection to the DMV. The other thing I have heard of is that AZ is very lenient in who they give plates to, and it has been rumored that people have made day trips to yuma and gotten AZ plates in one sitting, but I dont know how that works.
  2. BobCharlieSD

    Mikuni problems

    I just got a 98 XR4 from my buddy with the mikuni set up...just one problem he said, it leaks gas sometimes, mainly at stops. Ive had a 97XR4 for 5 years now, I picked this one up 'cause it had CA plates. It turned out that I just had to adjust the float height but bending the support tab. I called XRs Only and they gave me the exact measurement, but I just bent it a bit and now it works like a dream.