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  1. Don't get me wrong dude is super fast! But saying better than Barcia! No homeboy here couldn't even give JB51 a run for his money. Barcia does 30+2 twice before slowing down. This guy was pooped at like the 12 minute mark.
  2. Any time you put a high flow exhaust and or filter you gotta re-jet the carb. If you let the bike get more air it must then need more fuel. I'd go bigger on the main and maybe even a clip position but start with the main jet
  3. Actually it's the exhaust valves that get tight first do to the amount of extra heat they receive
  4. It has one cam bro! Easiest timing on the planet!! They designed it so you can't screw it up!! If you think that's hard dont buy a DOHC!
  5. that thing is SIKK!!!!
  6. Has anyone made their bike street legal and if so how is that workin out for yah? Also what all did you have to do to get it there?
  7. im lookin at buyin one also and this thread about pushed me over the edge. thanks guys!!
  8. yeah there is no way that is even close to 130' maybe like baby feet:smirk:. but thats probably like 50 feet.
  9. what kind of camera is that?
  10. ride it like you stole it! if you want to get around the track at decent speed you have to ring the bikes neck!
  11. tell him to get a bike and take him to the dunes. while he's out flying over the handlebars you can just sit back and laugh
  12. haha if you lean forward your front wheel will stick in the sand and then, "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" right over the bars. if i was you i'd stay back and on the gas:thumbsup:
  13. i have an 01 and an 03 and i run 36:1. its perfect for me
  14. Fully Shrouded tank. or white plastic color scheme
  15. Alright whatever. i don't fell like arguing about it