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  1. hayd_250r

    Bike wont kick, and running out of ideas

    This is unlikely but it happened to me, check to make sure your flywheel hasn't slipped off the woodruff key on the crank end. Throws your spark timing off to the rest of the engine and mine was having the same symptoms you describe. Pop that little inspection cover off of your flywheel side with the rest of the motor on tdc and verify the lines in there match up to the line cut in the threads for the plug.
  2. hayd_250r

    FCR Accelerator Pump Question

    Alright man thanks for the help, I appreciate it! I'll try and find a stock cover
  3. hayd_250r

    FCR Accelerator Pump Question

    Yeah see I figured that. Thanks for the help, I'm going to have to make some phone calls I guess. Just don't get why the diagrams online don't show this ball/spring anywhere. So stock is in the cover for sure right? I shouldn't have to get a new bowl assembly?
  4. hayd_250r

    FCR Accelerator Pump Question

    Ball under the diaphragm? Not sure O know what you are talking about there, or near the nozzle. Here are some pics, should there not be something in that gaping hole in the bowl that feeds the pump? What I think is happening is the fuel is just going right back up into the bowl out of that hole, it's got no resistance. Also, the fuel supply hole is lower in the cover than the 3 little output ones. So most of the fuel under pressure is going to go back out the lower hole it came in Just kinda wanna know if anyones taken their carb apart recently if that check valve was in theirs or not. Don't see how it couldn't be but I'd like to confirm
  5. hayd_250r

    FCR Accelerator Pump Question

    Diaphragm is in good shape, and I blew out all the passages. Still though, it's just a big open orifice where the valve should be, even with the leak jet there is nothing stopping the fuel being pumped right back up into the bowl. Only way I could kind of get the pump to work was after I bottomed out the adjustment screw up top, pushing the plunger farther down. It would spit a little bit of fuel out of the nozzle when I did that but not like what it should
  6. hayd_250r

    FCR Accelerator Pump Question

    I've got an 08' that I just recently bought. It's a pain in the ass to start (no it's not the valves) so I took the carb apart. The guy before me put a Quickshot 2 on it, but the accelerator pump does not work. I did notice there is no check valve/ ball valve in it to stop the pump from just pushing fuel back up into the bowl. Search results on google and parts diagrams have come up inconclusive, I can't find this ball/spring and plug assembly on any parts diagrams. So does it exist is there something else there that's supposed to stop the fuel from travelling backwards and back into the bowl?
  7. 234 because Ike on the show South Park used to mumble it and for some reason I always thought it was hilarious.
  8. hayd_250r

    CRF250R oil: what's cheap and good?

    +1 for Rotella
  9. hayd_250r

    10 hrs on weisco crank

    My 05' 250r just locked up with 10hrs on a new wiseco crank kit aswell. I have yet to split the cases, but my rod didn't snap, it almost feels like mine spun a main bearing. Needless to say we should both contact wiseco and get angry with them!
  10. hayd_250r

    crf250r trouble

    Have you checked your flywheel timing? Had literally the exact same problem with my 05' last summer, couldn't figure it out for the longest time because everything seemed normal. What ended up happening was I didn't tighten down the flywheel tight enough on the crank end and the flywheel actually managed to slip. Threw spark timing way off, hence bike would not start. So if you haven't already, put the bike at tdc with your regular marks all lined up and pop that little over on the left side case and check to see if your flywheel is where it should be with its marks.
  11. hayd_250r

    how to clean my carburator jets? 06crf250r

    i remove all the jets and submerge them in a plastic container with carb cleaner in it. let them sit in there for a while then i blow them out with the air hose. if they are really clogged i normally just keep doing that until i can phsyically see they are clear. not a hard procedure at all, very fast, have never ever had an issues doing it!
  12. hayd_250r

    Rear Axel Is Stuck?

    worked on a buddy's bike that did the same thing, had him hold a block of wood (end grain up against axel bolt) and i pounded the snot outta it with a sledge
  13. hayd_250r

    How can I tell?

    with the single pipe and the yellow CRF250R writing I think thats an 04'
  14. hayd_250r

    Very Frustrated... Need help

    well it was stupid me after all saying that the flywheel couldn't have possibly shifted. but in actual fact when i took a close look at it, it did. slipped a bit on the crank and threw the spark timing way off, bike would not start. i bought a new woodruf key because it ruined the other one, and i reinstalled the flywheel and made sure i torqued it down properly and voila, fired right up and have had no problems since!! learned the hard way from my own ignorance!
  15. hayd_250r

    Wiseco Cranks???

    put a wiseco kit in my 05' myself and after about 15 hours of on/off track riding i have had no problems either so far. (knocks on wood!)