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  1. partyman66

    Hmm Does This Sprocket Look Worn?

    How do you like that chain? I am thinking of getting a D.I.D VX-2 106 for my XR250 to replace my RK X-Ring chain that's been on there for about 4 years worth of pretty mucky/wet riding.
  2. Just curious... I was just doing the brakes on my XR250 and replacing the stock pads with EBC Sintered ones, and It doesn't say anything in the FSM about removing the backing plates from the original pads and installing them on the new ones. I looked at a video on youtube where the guy did pads on his Honda CRF250 and he used EBC brakes but no backing plates. This would be a huge no-no on cars, but I'm not sure if or why this might or might not apply to motorcycles. I'm going to put the backing plates on mine, so hopefully it doesn't squeak too much... but I wanted to know what everyone elses general feelings on this were?
  3. partyman66

    Run carb dry?

    I run my XR250 carb dry every single time I'm done riding. I've done this with every 4-stroke dirtbike I've ever had pretty much my whole life. I don't drain it from the bowl drain though unless I plan on storing the bike for the off-season or foresee a month or 2 of no-riding(that almost never happens).
  4. partyman66

    Bringing the DG skidplate for the XR 400 back to life!!!

    I believe it's the same plate. I asked the same question when I bought mine about 2 or 3 years ago... and it appears to be the same.
  5. partyman66

    Bringing the DG skidplate for the XR 400 back to life!!!

    This plate is ridiculously awesome... if anyone doesn't already know. I have it on my XR250, and that thing has taken some SERIOUS abuse, without hardly a nick in it. The coverage of this thing is awesome in terms of of side and front coverage as well as just underneath.
  6. partyman66

    Rear wheel Bearings 2003 XR250 Numbers

    Any word on this? I need to put some new bearings on the rear of my bike and want to try to buy them before I take the wheel off as well. Is this what you were talking about for the part? http://www.thebigbearingstore.com/servlet/the-424/6203-Radial-Ball-Bearing/Detail and http://www.thebigbearingstore.com/servlet/the-474/6303-dsh-2RS-6303-dsh-ZZ-Radial-Ball/Detail
  7. partyman66

    loudest exhaust for xr4

    If you want your bike to be loud, just remove the sound baffle/spark arrestor insert and ride around with it like that for a bit. After a day or 2 of riding with it like that, you'll put it back in or replace the stock unit with a semi-loud aftermarket exhaust. Occasionally I'll remove my sound baffle and take it for a quick whip down the street just to hear how ridiculously loud it is... but it pisses a lot of people off and draws way too much negative attention for regular use. You should try modifying your stock spark arrestor by temporarily removing the spark-arrestor/sound-baffle unit, taking out the little torx bolt that holds the sound baffle to the spark arrestor and then prying the sound baffle out of the spark arrestor. Then you can just put the spark arrestor back in without the sound baffle. It will be about 50% louder than stock, flow much better, still be legal(in places requiring a spark arrestor and sound control), and it's free.
  8. partyman66

    Xr 250 in Cambodia!!!

    Cool man!! That's a hell of a way to tour a country... totally my style. I don't like generic boring touristy stuff... it's nice to be able to go at your own clip and have a more interactive trip. You should post some pics of your trip if you have any.
  9. partyman66

    stock XR250R jetting?

    Yeah... I did that on my bike and now run 135/48... bike runs like a champ and starts real easy even when it's dead cold. The only thing is it sucks sometimes to get it started after hot stalls.. but the bike was like that before I rejetted it though... so I don't think it's because of jetting that it remains this way in regard to hot stalls.
  10. partyman66

    stock XR250R jetting?

    I think it's 1 and 3/4 turns out from all the way in for the mixture screw. Stock jetting is 132/45.
  11. partyman66

    Decompressing with engine running.

    It's meant to be used while the valves are moving..... since it's intended purpose is to allow for a compression release in the motor while you are trying to pop start the bike or kick it over.... so it shouldn't do any real harm pulling it while it's running. It's no different than pulling it and cranking the bike through with the kick lever, only the motor is moving a lot faster.
  12. partyman66

    Cranking a 03 xr250?

    I've got bigger-than-stock jets on my bike, and it always fires by at least 4 kicks when dead cold now. Here's what I do: 1) Open the fuel petcock a good minute or so before attempting to kick it over(I store my bike with an empty carb all the time) 2) Turn the idle speed screw up a bit(clockwise by maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn... in other words, turn it towards the ground on the side of the bike that you can access it from) 3) Engage the choke either 1/2 way or 3/4 of the way, depending on how cold it is out. 4) Pump the kickstarter slowly through about 2 TDC cycles, and then stop when it's at the next TDC 5) Kick it without any throttle until it fires... always kicking at TDC 6) Once it starts, adjust the idle speed down to a comfortable level and knock the choke down a half a notch or off completely after about 20-30 seconds 7) Let the bike warm up for about 3-5 minutes before riding it
  13. partyman66

    XR250 Rear Disc Protector

    Thanks for the image help. Was the install pretty easy and how did everything fit?
  14. partyman66

    HALLELUJAH!!! Problem solved!!

    Killing it with the kill switch seems to not cause the problem though. My bike starts without fail on the first kick after shutting it down via kill switch when it's hot... but if I hot stall it on a hill, it's a bitch to get cranked again.
  15. partyman66

    Need a black tank...

    You got something against white tanks? That's kinda racist, don't ya think?