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  1. i just bought a 2005 rmz 250, when started for about a minute the pipe gets glowing red! i too afraid to drive it, it has a fmf bowerbomb on it, is the jetting too lean?
  2. yz_rider_44

    2002 yz 125

    so it turns out a bolt fell off of a clamp for my air filter, then got stuck in my reeds holding them open causing my bike not to start, now it runs mint!
  3. yz_rider_44

    2002 yz 125

    my bike has a wierd starting problem since i took a hard landing, it will rarely start then only idle for a couple of seconds if that, it has good spark, 120psi and it is getting fuel. i cleand carb, replaced spk plug. and has around 4 hours on new top end. i'm out of ideas to get it started
  4. yz_rider_44

    Bike randomly stalled

    The other day i was out riding on my 02 yz 125 with a recent top end, the bike was running fine the hole time then i hit a step up with a shity landing, when i landed i made it but the bike bottomed out pretty hard and then it seemed as i hit the killswitch and the bike rooled to a stop. after changing the plug and messing around with the killswitch i allmost had it going. but no luck since. any ideas? thanks
  5. i have raced an 02 yz125 for 2 years, and it still rips everywhere!
  6. yz_rider_44

    Post pics of your last ride

    http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd271/wolfy_037/?action=view&current=riding_pics_0161.jpg http://s223.photobucket.com/albums/dd271/wolfy_037/?action=view&current=riding_pics_0051.jpg
  7. yz_rider_44

    low end bog

    i have a 02 yz 125, and the bike recently starting fouling plugs when the weather got alot warmer (25-30c), it also has a bottom end bog but once poweband hits it rips. i was thinking jetting, or air screw, any ideas?
  8. yz_rider_44

    easy way to install crank bearings

    whenever I do crank bearings, I usually put the bearings in my common household freezer and slightly heat up the casing around where the bearing goes with a propane torch(just lightly), doing this they usually slide in maybe a few slight taps perfectly square to help. Then after everything equals out temperature, and you have your two bearings installed in the casings. I put the crank in the freezer and find a socket that is the same diameter of the inner race of the crank bearings, I put this socket on the inner race of the crank bearing and heat up the socket itself with again a propane torch, convection will cause the inner race to expand just slightly. I then take the crankshaft out of the freezer and piece things together before the temp equals out. I think 2 hours in the freezer should be good, after a certain time frame it will not "shrink" anymore.
  9. yz_rider_44

    cr 250 running too fast???

    Ya, bad crank seal... I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Ok how can I find out if its leaking through? Or will it be visible if i take a look at the seal? Is that somekind of vaccum test or something I could do? So, is 180 compression in the normal? And yes it is scary sh** lol, the bike controls you instead of you controlling it! I'm just glad it didn't stick WOT on the takeoff of a jump or in a wheelie.
  10. yz_rider_44

    cr 250 running too fast???

    Hey, I have a very odd issue with my 2000 cr 250. I was out riding earlier this year and the bike was running faster and faster as it got hotter until finally it the bike stuck WOT on me. The throttle was not stuck as i tried killing the engine and even pulled off the spark plug cap to try and stop it but it was dieseling WOT on me. I had to shut off the fuel to kill it. Did a compression test afterwards, showed me 180 PSI on a crappy tire compression tester. Does this seem a little high? Im running a stock setup with boyseen reeds, procircuit pipe stock silencer. With a 185 RD main jet. I had a few cracks in my intake boot, replaced and still seems to get faster and faster as engine gets hotter. Not sure what to do now, I've only had 1 ride all season and Im really starting to miss riding... Any ideas, think I'm gonna try 190's in the main??
  11. yz_rider_44

    yz125 forks twisting

    yea i have the same problem on my yz, i usally take the front wheel off and re tighten the clamp bolts
  12. yz_rider_44

    tight chain

    i live in Sudbury, where abouts you from?
  13. yz_rider_44

    tight chain

    i know how to adjust the chain:bonk: i was just wondering what was causing the tight spot. before i rode the bike i loosened the cain and then it ****ed up my rear sproket! so now i have new sprokets on order:ride:
  14. yz_rider_44

    tight chain

    i have a 2002 yz 125 and when i spin the rear wheel i noticed that there is a tight spot in the chain. after i took it for a rip allmost all of the teeth on my rear sproket are gone. i was wondering what should i do to fix this problem? new chain/sprokets tightness should be gone?
  15. yz_rider_44

    my 1970 CT70 - DONE!!!

    nice ct man, i owned one for 3 years!