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  1. Pigxman

    Who has the nicest Honda?

    Heres mine 01 XR650R fresh complete engine and tranny rebuild and new graphics. New exhaust and paddle tire soon to come for a trip to the dunes. As soon as all this $%*&in snow is gone.
  2. Pigxman

    All around riders, post your rides

    My 01 xr650r best bike ever
  3. Pigxman

    Lets see some hondas

    Heres mine 01 xr650r
  4. Pigxman

    Show your PIG

    Ooops dont know what happend the first time. http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq249/Pigxman/DSCF0004.jpg http://i452.photobucket.com/albums/qq249/Pigxman/xr650r.jpg
  5. Pigxman

    Show your PIG

    Heres mine. Winter project top end and trans rebuild last winter. This was my first summer on a pig and loved it. Take it over an mx'er any day.
  6. Pigxman

    Tire Questions?

    What size paddle tire can be used with stock gearing and clearence(if any).