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  1. Kriztoph

    Looking to buy a WR360

    i think it all comes down to personal preference... i have a 360 and ride most weekends with my mate on his crf450.. i hate riding his bike, as its a lil heavier, in the striaght my 360 pulls away, on the hills the 450 is probably a little better but also seems to stall easier... with my 360 i can putt up big hills in 3rd and still not stall! but at the same time, he hates riding my bike and doesnt like the power curve.. so each to their own.. if u like tourqy 2 strokes then you couldnt get a better bike!
  2. Kriztoph

    Help Changing Pads on WR 360

    thanks! that did the trick.. i just used a 3" nail and hammer to whack it out.. was a little rusty but after a good whack it came flying out!
  3. hey guys, i've been reading these forums for a while and got lots of really good stuff out of it. but now i have some trouble of my own that i couldnt find already here... I got new rear pads for my 99 360 but cant seem to get the old ones out! On the rear caliper there is a pin which goes through the pads held in by a cerclip. i have removed the clip but the pin simply wont slide out!! looks like it should be simple.. it spins around but will not slide out.. i've tried trying to tap it out but still no go! is there something im doing wrong here? Any help would be much appreciated Thanks guys