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  1. d15080

    cr85 expert?

    Mxkid714 what do you think i should get?
  2. d15080

    cr85 expert?

    yea im still not sure though i heard a lot of positive feedback on the kx100 so i still have to make my mind up before they sell
  3. d15080

    cr85 expert?

    i just sold my 150f the other day and i want another back up bike to mess around on because i already have a crf250r, im 5'6, should i get a cr85 expert or a kx100, theres a stock 2005 kx100 that looks mint for 1200 vs a 2006 cr85 expert for 800
  4. d15080

    which bike to get??

    which 125 do u suggest?
  5. d15080

    which bike to get??

    im 13 and 5'6 i dont no if i should get a 85 or 125?