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  1. hey, I figured I'd put my .02 in here too. For the longest time after I bought my KLX, I hated it because it was so slow. But rather than take the loss of selling it I big-bored it and added some cams and a pumper, and lots of other stuff. Sure I would have saved money if I'd just bought a KTM but my bike doesn't EVER not start, doesn't ever run poorly for no reason, and rarely needs to be maintained! Now that I am all said and done with the mods, It will kill a ttr and run with a drz400. I am happier everyday that I didn't sell my " slow piece of shit bike " because with a little work its becomes a fast, yet, reliable dual-sport that will drag race on the street just as well as it will ride off-road. Give it time and you will learn the KLX's more subtle benefits that many dirt-riders never notice because they are blinded by a need for excessive power.
  2. no, mid throttle is very smooth. I am pretty sure it does burble sometimes but what I am refering to is deffinatly popping. I guess like you guys said a little bit is ok. Because everything else indicates its fine. It's just when I run wot or at real low rpms for a while when i let off it pops a bit.
  3. hey everyone, my bike is finally dialed in and runs great but I always get popping on decel, sometimes loud sometimes not. it's not like constant but fairly frequent. anyway I checked the plug, exhaust, even took it to the dealer where they put it on the dyno and indicated that it was indeed running a tad bit rich. Not by much but slightly! so anyway I'm running 55 pilot, 158 main 4th clip needle and at sea level with NO airbox lid. With the lid on it was bogging like crazy from being so rich. With it off theres practically zero bog. Anyway I cannot for the life of me figure out why i am getting so much popping if I am not running lean? Should I be worried? Is this popping very harmful to the engine? I am not worried about the exhaust cannister because all the insulation packing has already been desintigrated because I ride so much but I am maybe thinking because I have a muzzy with no spark arrestor and baffle that maybe the lack of back pressure is causing it? any help would be great! Thanks
  4. crfrider80sc

    Leaving the owners club

    yeah, that sure is a nice looking bike. I think you made a great choice. personally, I always told myself that if I was ever going to buy a 2 stroke the 300 xc would be it! just wondering, whats the difference between the xc and xc-w? Is it that e-start? and you probably know already, but I read it in dirt rider magazine that the ktm300's e-start has a tendency to self-destruct if it is not closely taken care of. Something about two-strokes not having a dedicated lube system therefore it causes the starter to have trouble after about 500 miles or somthing. Just wanted to tell you so maybe you can ask the dealer. Good choice!
  5. crfrider80sc

    Leaving the owners club

    man, that hurts. I am happy for you as I know there is not a waking moment I don't second guess my decision. But all in all, I feel what i did has its ups and downs. If I just saved a bit longer I coulda got a 450 exc ds instead of putting about 5 grand into the klx and still wanting more. The upside is that I now have a much better understanding of motorcycle engines, gearing, and nearly everything else I never knew about which I learned through building my bike up and asking questions in here. I woulda never got that with the KTM because I'd have no need to learn how to do all the mods. Also, the klx taught me how to become a good street rider. When you learn on a slow bike that won't fix your mistakes for you, you become a better rider in my opinion. I too plan to get a ktm someday or If I have the money- bribe a dmv official and street legalize a geared up kx450f. But I will never get rid of, stop riding or forget about the klx- my first love.
  6. crfrider80sc

    my 2009 rear fenderectomy

    I just did this fenderectomy today! I purchased the sear's equivilent rotary tool though. It's a craftsman, cost me $45 and came with a whole bunch of free cutting wheels, sanding drums, drilling bits etc. It's only one speed but works great. Only problem I had was the plastic kept melting as soon as i touched it with the tool. I had to keep stopping and let it cool and get the debris off, but finally I finished. It lookss very similar to 791mxracer's and I still have to sand it down, but I think it looks great! Best $45 I ever spent!
  7. wow awesome guys! I really like divers yellow frame and Tmoe's mixed and matched plastics! And Deej man, from your pics i got this aura about you that seemed like the " sterotypical hard-working honest american " sorry that's just what I thought of after seeing those pics and it's a compliment lol. But anyway where do you live? washington state? it's beutiful up there man I would love to ride up that way someday!
  8. Hey everyone, I was going through the old thread and saw we havent had a Pics thread in a while. I have noticed lately that a lot of our members have been doing upgrades recently, so I thought maybe we could get together some updated Pics. I am currently doing the fenderectomy on my bike as I have just finished the " performance " aspect of my bike. After Aprrox. $4,500 I am satisfied with the way she runs, now it's time to put some make up on her. I regularly ride through town and have people say " wow, that's really nice I didn't know dual sports could look that sleek " or " hey, you can't ride dirtbikes on the street, jerk " things along those lines. Both are taken a compliments. I think the KLX250 and street legalized 300's are great looking bike which have honestly set the pace for the way an (affordable, not KTM) DS bike should look. The drz-400 is a great bike but very dated. Same with XT250, DR200, and even in my opinion wr250r/x. I think we have the nicest, modernest ( a real word?) looking bike and would love to see some of your guys bikes. Even if they are just dirt 300's thats cool too!
  9. crfrider80sc

    Tires Rec's?

    I have just put a set of Pierelli Scorpion A/t 90's on my bike and let me say WOW! For anyone who does highway or high percentage street riding these are EXCELLENT! Now if your one who does like 99.9% street, there are obviously better choices out there. Same for dirt, meaning if you are solely dirt, I wouldn't get these as they will inhibit you on your hardcore expeditions. Now me, I am a 75% dirt rider but I have had this fantasty since I was a little kit of having a kick a$s dirtbike which could also handle on the street like a supermoto. These tires, in my opinion are the best you can get. I know it might seem confusing because these tire are 70% Street/ 30% Dirt, but I love great street handling and am willing to sacrifice a bit of offroad capability for that. My point here is that in my opinion, these are the best compromise you can make if you like street riding, even if you don't do a lot of it. I don't but when I do I love sharp corners, knee-dragging-like handling ( not quite lol ) but what's the best about these tires is they give you AWESOME offroad ability that one would not think possible from just looking at them. When I bought them I though " great, now I will only be able to do light off-roading " not true at all! I still ride tough trails, do hill climbs and jumps just like always and although they are not nearly as good a knobby, they work great offroad and work amazing on road! It's like having a near-street-slick that is very cabapable offroad. In my opinion, the best compromise one can make!
  10. Hey, This question is mainly for eddie or anyone else who can help on the topic. I originally had a 52 pilot, 155 main, needle 4th clip, fuel screw out 1.5 turns and changed it to 58 pilot, 158 main and left everything else as is. the bike is a big-bored 330cc 09' klx 250s with the AIRBOX LID OFF. when I first changed the jets, it felt rich so I took the air box lid off now it feels good. Does this seem like a good set up or am I doing anything rediculously wrong such as the pilot jet being to big? It feels good but have not heard of anyone running this rich a setup before. Thanks for any help.
  11. crfrider80sc

    Feeling Good- finally got my bike running perfect!

    will do, I am trying to get to the dyno around me probley this saturday.
  12. crfrider80sc

    Buying a new rear sprocket, could use some advice

    yeah that 12:50 must have been insane!
  13. Hey everyone, for one I don't need help or have a complaint! I have finally got my bike running the way i want with NO upsets or minor bothers that drive me nuts. Just brought it home from the shop after having my red chain and 45 tooth rear sprocket installed along with a jet change. I am really happy too because they came overnight ups so it got done much quicker than expected! Anyway I adjusted the taffy mod on my bike to just under 0.24 inch roughly a bit less than the thickness of a dime. This eliminated nearly all the bog. Not completely but I am now smart enough to know that no one really EVER completely gets rid of it. Mine is 99.5% gone and I am satisfied with that. So I had a 155 main, 52 pilot needle fourth clip on there and kinda felt like it was lean. So I put in a 158 main and 58 pilot left the needle and fuel screw where they were at 4th clip and 1.5 out, and took off the airbox lid since I figured it can now use all that air. The bike instantly felt like it was more powerful! I guess now it is really getting all the air and fuel it can use. Seems like the jetting is right on. I tried it with the lid on and KDX snorkel but I noticed imporvment with the lid off. I am just so happy to have my bike running this great! The 45 tooth rear did wonders too. I noticed a much bigger difference than i though I would. Before I could hardly lift the front wheel in 3rd even with the clutch. Now with the mods on there, I don't need any clutch just a slight tug and it comes right up. I want to thanks thanks for everyone giving me so much help over these past weeks and like I was told in the end it does pay off! Thanks.
  14. crfrider80sc

    Buying a new rear sprocket, could use some advice

    yeah I have kinda second guessed my decision on that too becuase although I got one nice looking red chain, that thing cost me $140 bucks! and since I did that i figured i might as well shell out the $50 for a new aluminum rear so that the nice chain won't be detracted by my ratty old looking steel sprocket. But thanks for the info, I am now glad I made the decision not to gear lower. Although i do believe if i was running a 13/52 I'd be able to wheelie in fourth. I know this is debateable but it just came to mind that probably one of the biggest reasons when people buy a new klx250s, the reason they think it's rediculously slow is the gearing. No doubt there are a lot of other factors but I think that because people a essentially expecting to ride a 250cc DIRT bike they are dissapointed because the klx feels less powerful, when in reality the klx is geared to have a higher top speed than an average dirtbike therefore does not have the low end pull most people expect from a 250.
  15. crfrider80sc

    Buying a new rear sprocket, could use some advice

    hey guys, I really appriciate the help and I absolutely don't want to come off like an as*h#!e here i just want to let you know, thats all cause i know sometimes when statements are put in writing they sound like sarcasm and that's not what this is.. anyway you have to remember ( well actually my fault cause i never mentioned this ) I don't do ALOT of street riding but what I do do when street riding is highway to get to the trails. That's why I can't gear as low as you guys. Honestly, I think my problem for third gear wheelies is you guys are running crazy ratios of like 13/52 and such which is significantly different than my 14/45. What I am saying is you guys are running ratios that are excellent are correct for real dirt use. I would absolutly LOVE to gear my bike down like that because the power it makes now with stock gearing is awesome so like that it would be amazing. My only problem is I regularly cruise at 70mph on the highway. I just want you all to know I appriciate the personal experiences you gave me and taking the time to write it down to help me out, but in the end I guess I just have to compromise. Like I said if I could live right next to some great trails I would take your gearing immediately visbits but I can't. But the one UPside to my gearing now is I have one mean dirtbike that can now beat most cars in a drag race. ( up to 85mph) So in the end I think I am happy with the 14/45 because although the bike is not meant for this, I LOVE ripping through some backroads at 75MPH then heading into the woods after people call the cops on me. Reckless I know but in my opinion it's the best of both worlds. I love high-speed street biking and love even more so- dirt riding. Unfortunatly I can't own a gsx-r or ninja because I'm only 18 and on my own so until then I'll enjoy my compromise. Maybe some day I'll move out closer to one of you guys who has some good nearby areas to ride and I can convert my bike to a dirt-only barely legal ds which focuses solely on dirt. Thanks again. P.S. visbits- if you ever have a chance, could you possibly give me in depth instructions on how to do the spring thing you did? Sorry but I'm not very good with carbs...