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  1. more pics coming soon
  2. I enjoying having them. People always ask if they are sale and I laugh while saying no.
  3. Here is a few pics of some of the PC stuff and works parts I have. 2002 Team PC 125 (complete and running with MSO) shown in another thread below I have 3 complete 2000 PC graphic kits 2 complete 94 PC graphic kits 2000 PC jersey. Works KHI 250 magnesium inner clutch cover with KHI water pump cover Works KHI oversize KX250 / 125 tank with seat for it KHI rear caliper bracket Works KYB forks (not pictured) KHI works front caliper and magnesium calier bracket and lot more. Ill try to take pics and keep this updated.
  4. redrider611

    02 Pro Circuit KX125 (Non replica)

    Really? Shea Bently won the 2000 west coast SX 125 title
  5. redrider611

    02 Pro Circuit KX125 (Non replica)

    Unknown as of who actualy rode it. It was originally intended for Bently but he left PC before 02 SX season kicked off. It does have "Shea Bently 1/ 104" written on the top of the MSO. That is all I know on the "rider history". It is rare to come across the PC bikes with the MSO still showing PC as ownership. I am cutting down the collection of bikes and this is the last one I will be selling.I tried posting it in the calssifieds section but its not showing up.
  6. redrider611

    02 Pro Circuit KX125 (Non replica)

    It runs very well. I dont run it often though.
  7. redrider611

    02 Pro Circuit KX125 (Non replica)

    Here are some more pics of it.
  8. redrider611

    02 Pro Circuit KX125 (Non replica)

    Thanks guys. I often think of selling it. I have not been into the motor. I know Mitch didn't Let a lot of trick motor parts go out the door.
  9. Non replica 02 PC125. The downfall is that PC removed a few carbon parts and most of the Ti hardware. It is in orignal non restored condition. I also have the MSO from PC.
  10. redrider611

    AMA Rules question

    Does anyone know for sure what the rules are for the lites mod classes in AMA events? i.e. can you run a stroker crank or big bore? Or even ported head? Cams, etc.
  11. redrider611

    08 CRF450 Stem Bearings TOAST.

    I use a solid rod about 1/2in diameter to drive out the races. Just move from side to side with each hit. If you dont, the race will bind up. For the lower stem bearing I use a press to remove it. I also use a press to install the new one. Wish you were in my area, I would just do it for you real quick.
  12. redrider611

    IRIN RM250. Video.

    I can not post anything to leads to a sale in the pics and video section. I was warned about that
  13. redrider611

    IRIN RM250. Video.

    Any suggestions for other video clips for it? Anything you really want to see in a video?
  14. redrider611

    IRIN RM250. Video.

    A friend of mine made the vid. I build bikes and stay away from from the vids, etc. LOL