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    need help ,my 07 is backfiring and the pipe got red hot, took carb out and clean it check valves everythig is fine any suggestions ,dont know what to do, it sat over the summer with gas in it ,then it started acting up and i think its getting too hot
  2. crf450xdad

    lost pilot jet

    does anyone what type,# or style i need for the crf 80 pilot jet ,lost the original and no one seems to have it in stock
  3. Here is what I am obsewrving: Good idle Good low and mid range through the powerband Missing or cuttinbg on the very top end when rpm/speed is held hot on the throttle... Symptoms occured at the first of year start up after busily performing maintence: Clean air filter (removed the box completely directly claened it), new spark plug, fresh oil, clean all jets ---------
  4. crf450xdad

    stripped peg bolt

    need some ideas on how to fix a stripped peg bolt ,maybe sleeve or make new theads need some option ,which [one:foul: holds better???
  5. crf450xdad

    no power on xr 80

    just took our first trip back this season to the world famous ocotillo wells and my sons bike sat all summer in my garage with a drain cabr ,it start fine but when rev high does not sound right when riding it it has no power ,spark plug its not oily but rather smoky white smoke comes out once in awhile took carb apart clean jets they seem fine please help :