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  1. acgmx

    04 how many gears

    It is 5 gears. one down 4 up. 5th 4th 3rd 2nd neutral 1st so. If you state you can only shift 4 times. Techincaly that's correct unless you are starting in neutral pushing the shifter down and then can only click up three times. How ever having a bent shift forks can cause 2nd to be a false neutral and you shift over it to third.
  2. acgmx

    got some problems

    Before you get your panties in a bunch. There is two O-rings behind the countershaft spacer replace those first. If it still leaks you can drill two small holes on top and on bottem of the seal. Hook safty wire through them and yank the seal out. Then replace very carefully
  3. acgmx


    13/49 seems to be the best. My kx, pr1malr8gw kx &, pumasforpets kx all are on 13/49 that gearing helps with shifting in corners. The 13/48 tends to need to be in 2nd in corners. That's also due to being c/shitty b rider(s) pr1mal can run a 48 since his corner speeds are fast enough for 3rd but I don't think he will go back to 48.
  4. acgmx

    Kibblewhite SS Valve Setup

    As far as that compression measurement. I'm not sure. They are new springs right. For ss valves? As far as which size shim to start with. Well I'd go probably a 360 to start go atleast 10 smalller the what your stock shims were (when you bought it new) if you bought it used and your below a 360 the start with those. I think most bikes were around 370 to start
  5. acgmx

    09 kx250f motor.

    That's your call. If it were me. I would have the head done by mxtime with thier stainless valves. Piston is your choice I guess. I run procircuit pistons. How ever I buy them off eBay when they are the same price as buying other manus forged pistons. Paid 150 for my last pc piston with a head gasket. Good luck.
  6. acgmx

    09 kx250f motor.

    Well ithe rule of thumb is adjust valves twice. I.e it goes out of spec. Return clearances. Then when it goes out again return tospec and then get ready to send out. As far as piston goes you should change it this winter along with your cam chain. I change oem pistons every yr or 20-30 hrs for me on track. Forged piston is every other yr or 40-60 hrs. Cam chain should be changed every time the head comes off. IMHO. Unless it only has a few hrs.
  7. acgmx

    09 engine mods

    Umm egos aside. I agree with dunn it's hard to fool some one who has allready been there dune that. Now. The reason no one wants to awnser your questions is because there is no awnser. Untill you ride the bike and ask how to acheive what you want with what you got. It's futile. Get the bike put some laps Down. Get susp setup for you. Then come back and ask us how to achieve something with what you have.
  8. acgmx

    '06 No Clutch

    We'll that's all your call. There is other springs besides procircuit. I can attest that I would not buy a tusk spring kit. As far as thier plates. That's hard to say. Just Besure it's installled correctly. I'm running procircuit springs how ever mine were free. Do I knotice a diffrance from stock? Nope. But I'm also not a. Clutch abuser. To the orriginal poster. Since you said the clutch is getting oil. The. You should take the clutch cover off and inspect the basket
  9. acgmx

    09 engine mods

    Well sonny. I'm willing to bet that your 5 times riding amount on firelanes is only half as strenuous as us old guys pound out lap after lap on the track.
  10. acgmx

    '06 No Clutch

    Well, I duno. You should take it apart first and see how bad of shape the plates are. If they were installed correctly and you should inspect the basket also. as the basket can also cause slipping.. Before you buy parts you must inspect. Use the manual and see whats not in spect. I would definatly buy new springs as those actuly are abused more then the plates since well they are what put pressure on the plates.
  11. acgmx

    '06 No Clutch

    That is slipping which means either worn out clutch fibers, glazed steal clutch plates, mal adjusted clutch cable, worn out clutch springs, & a slew of other possible causes.
  12. acgmx

    need a kx250f head

    eBay will be easyiest. However contact some performance shops like williamsmoterwerks or mxtime.com. See if they can source one that's good cheeper then a stealership
  13. They are a cover for the accelerator pump. It just adjusts the amount of fuel delivered when twisting the throttle from closed to open. It's not a needed device. If you have bog issues it can help if you don't want to fiddle with the carb. I you don't have bog don't worry about it
  14. acgmx

    06 and 07 Exhaust the same?

    So I emailed the auction person in reguards to his statement being wrong. Anyways he replied back with this. I know it will work but I guess I could be wrong. Can anyone certify I'm right or wrong. Below is his reply to me stating 04-08 exhaust is compatible. Thanks I know what you saying is true for most brands. But the yosh titanium systems are tricky. I have a similar system that fits 04-05 Kx250f and the Rmz250 04-06. Its different than this rs2 though Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
  15. acgmx

    06 and 07 Exhaust the same?

    It doesn't matter. If it's a full system with header it will work on an kx 04-08 and Suzuki 04-06