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  1. Tank was creamed two years ago but I'll check.
  2. HERE! Happened to me with my old puddle-jumper.
  3. Artfrombama

    Xr 650L rear tire width

    Free mounting would be great! Local shops charge $20. per tire to mount tires, theirs or yours. Even more if you drop the bike off.
  4. Artfrombama

    Xr 650L rear tire width

    Where do you guys normally buy tires? Locally or online and where? Thanks!
  5. Artfrombama

    CL100 Optional Tire Sizes?

    Heh, ordered 3.50-17 rear and 2.75-18 front no more than 10 minutes before your post. I'll post the results when I get the tires mounted. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Artfrombama

    CL100 Optional Tire Sizes?

    Hello Need new skins for my puddle-jumper, 1972 CL100. Original sizes are 2.50-18 Front 3.00-17 rear Would like to buy Cheng Shin C-186's Could I run 2.75-18 Front And 3.50-17 Rear? 75% street use, 25% dirt. Suggestions/comments?
  7. Artfrombama

    CL100 running bad with headlight on

    Perfect. Yes, for a minute or two, then dies. Very difficult to re-start Yes It's weird. I have a new battery (6V) and get almost 10V at the battery when the bike is running. Blinkers are almost too fast at highway speeds.
  8. Just like the subject says. Runs OK (about 60mph) without the headlight on, turn it on and barely reaches 50. Engine misses and misfires, ease off the throttle and smooths out about 45mph. Also won't idle for over 1 minute without stalling, then very difficult re-starting. Points set at .014", gets plenty of fuel, not flooding. Coil? Points? Condensor? Thinking of the "shotgun approach" and replacing all three... But these parts are pricey!!
  9. Artfrombama

    CB125s wiring diagram help

    The OEM ignition switch is a one wire in-one wire out single pole/single throw switch. I used a simple toggle switch for awhile.
  10. Artfrombama

    CB125s wiring diagram help

    Yeh, I've bought a bunch of parts off eBay cheap. These little bikes are cheap to ride, fun and can run fast enough to keep up with traffic.
  11. Artfrombama

    CB125s wiring diagram help

    Been there Just bought a 72 CL100 that the wiring was butchered. Ordered a replacement harness from an eBay vendor in Vietnam. Colors didn't match the OEM harness and several of the connectors located in the headlight bucket were uninsulated. I traced down all the circuits, taped the connectors and now it works fine. The 100's/125's have to have a battery to run. You must have a coil and condensor that are located under the gas tank. A rectifier to convert the AC current the alternator produces to DC current that allow the engine to run and lights to burn. I tested my engine by using a battery charger connected to the black wire on the coil (IIRC). If I were to do this again, and what I would suggest to you is find a used wiring harness either from a bike scrapyard or eBay, then it's simply a matter of connecting the same colored wires. The bikes that have the same harness are; CB100K2 CL100K2 CL100S2 CL100S3 CL125S
  12. Artfrombama

    CL100 Heavier Springs

    My newly acquired CL100 is now my favorite pit bike. Starts first kick and has the ability to run 65+ mph on the highway (Previous CT70 topped out at 45mph) The only problem I have now is the rear springs/shocks are too light. The smallest bump, they bottom. I need something that will carry my lard a$$ (I'm 210#). The shock eyes are 12mm top and bottom, length is 12" (300mm).
  13. Artfrombama

    CB125s wiring diagram help

    What don't you understand? What is the problem?
  14. Artfrombama

    CL100 Overcharging?

    Thanks Wayne, I slapped my eBay rectifier on the bike and took readings. At idle I have 9.2V, revved it up, have 9.8V. Lights are bright, I like it if my cheepie Vietnamese wiring harness will take it.
  15. Artfrombama

    Merry Christmas to me ... CT70H

    Me, a 72 CT70H K1 Special Yellow The H's have a spark advancer underneath the flywheel whereas the non-H's have no spark advance,