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  1. Kaison

    Top 5 oil brands?

    I need to order some oil, always used Honda oils but for some reason since moving back to the uk it's impossible to get hold of :/ so what brands do you use?
  2. Kaison

    2009 Oil Viscosity for the UK

    Sorry to open up an old thread but I'd really like to know! Or at least send me the right way to a temperature chart for viscosity and such. I'm having a really hard time working it all out :/
  3. Can anyone tell me what viscosity oil I'll need as I've moved to England. Average temperature is around 15-25'c at the moment.
  4. Kaison

    Plastic Fabrication HELP!!

    Still have the original peice that goes there, but have to remove it for the aftermarket light, and now I have to make a new cover to go around the light. Fibreglass would be great, but I don't have the confidence to do that kinda work myself. I've been using my washing up bowl idea, and so far it's coming a long slowly but surely, it's more tedious than I though... can't rush perfection right
  5. Kaison

    Plastic Fabrication HELP!!

    washing... you know... something you wash the dishes in
  6. Hey all, I'm getting a little hot and bothered.. I have to sort out a bike befoe this weekend, only thing I still need to do is, fabricate some kind of cover after fitting after market lights. I have some pictures, and I need some advice, I'm not sure what to do or use... I was thinking just cut out the bottom of a washing up bowl and bending it and molding it to fit and fixing it in place with plastic tie offs hidden under the original plastics. It just needs to hide all the rough bits and bobs. It may be an ATV, but the atv forums are usually quiet and I assumed it would be the same advice either way. All measurments in the pictures are in cm*
  7. Kaison

    XR100 Tire Size?

    Just did some searching.... Can't find anyone supplying them Anyone even got a second hand pair? The tires have been vandalised beyond use and they've almost molded through. Although a nice new pair would be great
  8. Kaison

    XR100 Tire Size?

    You Guys Rockkkkkkkkkkkk
  9. Kaison

    XR100 Tire Size?

    I have a friend who's got an XR100, It's been sitting outside for years, it's no older than 2000 but the tires are so old and molded we can't find the size to get a new set... anyone have an idea of what the size may be? Thanks
  10. Kaison

    Best Cr125?

    I'm sure someone must know.
  11. Kaison

    Best Cr125?

    I'm looking to get a CR125, but I'm unsure on what year is the best in terms of chassis and engine power. Anyone have any ideas of which would be the best year? I hear the old steel chassis are better for handling? What about the engines, are newer generations any different/better? Thanks -Kaison
  12. Kaison

    Economy Forces 09 Sale

    Thank you all for your noble support!! There's a way out of every situation, we're all able to make our dreams come true. And if that means making small sacrifices like the sale of an object such as our bikes, then it's not a choice when it comes to supporting our loved ones. The global economy will always have high and low points, and we can't blame the people in power or the people with more money, because their actions would only have drawn out the cycle for a few more years, see their actions as a good thing, the people with the money have that money to help us, and maybe it's a lot more indirect than you think, maybe it's just them buying something from you, which you need to sell for a little extra cash. Bottom line is we don't need to panic, or think this is the end of the line. Once you're at the lowest point, the only way is up. I want everryone to smile once a day, no matter how hard things are.
  13. Kaison

    Economy Forces 09 Sale

    We're at the point where we can't pay the bills off, we're a family of estate agents... I say family, It's just me and my mother in the family. Haven't made a sale since xmas eve, we're having to sell the house and the toys just to pay the bills, if we can sell the house we'll be able to rent and keep a roof over our heads, times are hard. Good things always come from the bottom and we have a lot further to go, some people might see that as bad, but I'm looking at it as it doesn't seem so bad yet, maybe things just haven't hit me yet, but I've got a very positive feel about the future. And as low as things get, there's always someone below you that needs your help just as much as you need their help. Times like this we need the support of our neighbours, friends and family!
  14. Kaison

    Economy Forces 09 Sale

    Thanks for the advice, this months payments have raised 1.5%
  15. Kaison

    Economy Forces 09 Sale

    Hey all, bought my first CRF450 At the end of last year, it's been a great 6 months! Times have changed and I have to sell up to help pay off the increasing interest on the house... It's been great knowing I've had you guys covering my back if I have any problems, so I look forward to the day along the line when I can afford another CRF450, I'm hoping it's around the time they're at the stages of weighing 80lbs lol Thanks for the help all, looks like I'm going to get a CR125. RIDE RED!!