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  1. Bradormandy

    hologram goggles

    anyone know if you can still get hologram goggles.scott make them a few years ago
  2. Bradormandy

    rim replacment

    when would you consider replacing you front rim. mine has 2 good dents so i thought its time to replace it but was told not to bother unless its cracked or you can feal it wobble
  3. Bradormandy

    running lean

  4. Bradormandy

    running lean

    can i richen up the idle of a crf 450 08 by adjusting the fuel/air screw to the left and if so where is the screw. thanks:ride:
  5. Bradormandy

    hot header pipe

    sorry, should have done a serch first
  6. Bradormandy

    hot header pipe

    on my 450 the header pipe is glowing red in the bend after about 2 mins of running. is this normal or could it be the jetting or some other thing wrong
  7. Bradormandy

    stater and flywheel

    thanks for that. I didnt think I was going mad, Ive never seen a fly wheel like it before:cheers:
  8. Bradormandy

    stater and flywheel

    thanks for that. I didnt think I was going mad, Ive never seen a fly wheel like it before
  9. Bradormandy

    stater and flywheel

    come on guys someone must know:banghead:
  10. Bradormandy

    stater and flywheel

    can someone tell me if the inside of the flywheel is ment to be round or with flats around it sort of like a octagon, also half of one of the outer bits of the stater that runs against the inside of the flywheel is broken, will it still work ok.its a 08 crf 450x it still seems to work ok but dont know how long can ride like it. I rode it about 80 kms before knowing I had damaged it
  11. I have a 10 yr old boy thats in his 5th yr of racing he started on a 50 cc 2yrs then a 65cc for 2 yrs now a 85cc 6 months and i have a 08 crf 450 that he can ride better than me around our mx track. he asked if he could have a ride and I said if he could do it him self then go for it I m not going to hold it for him to get started and away he went
  12. Bradormandy

    wrist pain after a break

    j .
  13. Bradormandy

    broken knee brace

  14. Bradormandy

    Broken Wrist. What to do during and after?

    keep the fingers moving
  15. they already have them over hear in Australia. We have 2 choices either a ® model race bike or (X) model road trail bike, ride to work during the week then play on the weekend