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    Hello I am on this Site.
  1. HuskyRider1

    KTM EXC vs Husky TE

    Well I have not heard about the others but up-tite. Way too expensive. The guy knows alot but citisizes you if you didn't buy the bike from him. Plus his shop is a complete mess. But thanks on the others. I will try checking out motoexotica and MSR. Thanks again! HR1
  2. HuskyRider1

    KTM EXC vs Husky TE

    I have had both a KTM 400 EXE 05 and Currently have a 07 TE 450. The 400 EXE was a good bike but it just didn't have the snap I was looking for. I got that in the TE 450. The only bad thing is that if you think it is hard to find KTM Parts it is really hard to get Husky Parts. OVerall I prefer the TE over the EXE. And the new TE's are all fuel injected. Good or bad??? Not sure!
  3. HuskyRider1

    Husky TE 450 Parts???

    I am new to TT. So I hope this is right but I have been riding 4 Strokes for about 7 years now and recently purchased a Husky TE450 in 2007. Well it is time to buy parts and bow it is tough. The Dealers are no good and never have the parts the other local guys are just too dam much for parts. Any ideas or good places to purchase Husky parts? (Air filters, oil filters, shock parts etc... ) Please help! Thanks