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  1. f052ZY

    yz250f suspention help!

    thanks for the info guys.......i test drove a crf450 with a athens big bore kit..and wow way to fast for me. i would not be able to handle that thing. but i really want a 250f i think it will be just right for me, ill just need suspention......and later on ill get exhaust and jet it....then when ill have to rebuild it....thats when ill start thinking about a big bore and cams.....
  2. f052ZY

    yz250f suspention help!

    well during the weekend i took my brother yz125 around the track once and i dident realy like it. it seemed like i had to rev the piss out of it to hit the double. and im thinking a 4 stroke would be easyer than the 2stroke because of the low end. any sites or places i can get diferent springs. thanks alot
  3. hi i was just wondering if a yz250f can handel my weight. i am 6' 220.......kinda new to mx went to a track this weekend and want to get into this sport. i used to have a yz125, i usualy trail road it, small jumps, but never to the track....... any advise thanks.......