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  1. could anyone tell me if the pump actuator(little white plastic thing)lags behind the throttle?ie,on this new one i got from xr's only if you pull throttle wide open with engine not running but carb full of fuel it takes a few seconds for it to push the rod down fully,don't know whether it needs a stronger actuator spring or that is just how they are?cheers rob
  2. breedy

    xr's only

    thanks for that will give them a try tomorrow,hey tec-01 did it bolt up ok and did you have to re-jet,get rid of that bottom end bog ok?
  3. breedy

    xr's only

    been haveing a bit of trouble getting on to the xr's only web site,do you know if they are still going?want to buy one of those mikuni pumper carbs now that the aussy dollar is up,has anyone heard of the power barn?they have that carb kit as well but don't know what their like to deal with with,thanks,rob