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  1. The dealer wants 200 bux looking to find one cheaper does anyone here have any ideas?
  2. 4 balls

    2000 KTM 400 SXC won't start

    Should have known this site would get me nowhere.
  3. I am not sure why but after riding about 300 or so miles it started getting harder and harder to start until finally I could not get it started. I tried changing the spark plug, different gas, starter fluid etc. I was not sure if maybe the valves got to the point that they needed to be adjusted that bad or.....? I did try one thing that got it running but I could not start it again after it warmed it up. I hung on to my friends car till about 30mph and dropped the clutch. It took like 5 times but finally got it going and it ran good like it always did....when I could get it started, but even being warmed up it still would not start. What do I do next? I am going to adjust the valves anyways but the manual is not clear what the clearance is supposed to be? I feel so spoiled with my Husqy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!