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    Riding with a prior DUI

    You can ride bikes in the ditches? Where in MN do you live? I thought you could only ride bikes on trails that are marked specifically for dirt bikes. Either way, I would call and talk to someone at the police station to verify that you can ride the bike around even if you had a license.
  2. FakeSnowSucks

    110 4th gear shift drum instal questions

    Thats what I was hoping not to hear lol. Thanks guys, I will probably just hold out till the manual shows up just to be sure im not going to break anything or mess something up.
  3. FakeSnowSucks

    110 4th gear shift drum instal questions

    I have my motor out right now and I was going to instal the 4th gear shift drum and the manual cable clutch kit both from takegawa. I am trying to split the case right now and I cannot get the damn thing appart. Does anyone have any tips or maybe a step by step with pictures, even an online service manual would be a great help. I orderd a service manual for it but it isnt going to be here for another few days so I really dont want to have to pay for an online manual.
  4. FakeSnowSucks

    How to set up a 110 for an adult?

    Thanks for the heads up on the clutch cabel I will check that out, also about the clutch springs... I remember reading awhile back that you needed to upgrade if you are doing a big bore kit which I plan to do over the winter also. About the wheel... I wanted to swap out the front to a wheel that had a disc brake anyways, if I do the kx60 front wheel will it bolt up directly? Also, how would I mount the caliper? Or would I be better off trying to swap out the whole front end from a different bike that has a 12" front wheel/disc brake? If the best way to do it is to swap out the entire front end, which front ends are able to bolt up, also what other parts would I need to do the swap?
  5. FakeSnowSucks

    How to set up a 110 for an adult?

    Im buying either a klx110 or a drz110 and I am turning it into a mini motard so that I can ride it indoors over the winter, I need to put together a list of parts/mods that "NEED" to be done for me to ride it. Im about 6'1" and weigh about 200 with gear on. I also want to turn it into a fully manual 4spd with a hydr. clutch, is there a certain kit I need to buy or just any ebay kit will do? So far I am thinking I will need: Big bar kit, new heavy duty pegs/mount, stiff springs, street tires, clutch master cyl., 4spd shift drum, and maybe heavy duty clutch springs... Is there anything I need to add or remove from my list? I am going to eventually put a lot more parts into it but I am just looking for a list of things that need to be done right off the bat before I start riding it. Also, are there any good websites to buy parts from? I work at a honda/yamaha dealership and I can get stuff from tucker rocky and parts unlimited at 10% above cost but neither of those dealers have many 110 parts.
  6. FakeSnowSucks

    New to the motard world... I want to set up a mini motard

    The track is actually fairly small, 7 maybe 8 turns and 1 long straight. It turns out that they might only allow 50's to race on it, so I might end up having to go that route. Now I just need to start looking at parts and figure out how much it will cost to get a bike ride-able.
  7. First off I am new to the forum so if this should have been listed in the minis section feel free to move it. So I am currently looking for a new hobby/something to keep me busy over the cold winters up here in MN. We have an indoor Go-Kart track called Prokart Indoors and it turns out they host mini motard races every sunday. This sounds like a fun hobby to get into. Now I dont know anything about Mini's or Motards but I would like to buy a base bike to start a motard project. I work at a dealership and can get any kawi, yamaha, suzuki or honda at a little above cost so I figure I might as well buy new and start from scratch. I really know nothing about dirtbikes or motards in general but I do own a street bike and do all my own repairs/mods. If I could get some help in choosing the right bike and picking out some mods to get me started on turning it into a motard that would be great! I have been looking at the klx 110 because I dont want to have to bore out the motor right at the get go, I ride a 1000 on the street so I think if I bought a 50 I would be a little let down. Also is a 110 going to be too big size wise for an indoor Kart track? Here is a pick of my street bike just for kicks.