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  1. angrywasp

    chain cleaning

    I'm a fan of using WD40 (and a toothbrush) as the cleaning solvent on my chains (street and dirt). For lubing after cleaning I've got some teflon spray that dries without a gummy/sticky residue that I use for the dirtbike chains and a wax spray for the street.
  2. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    He went to work and hasn't had any time to even go into the garage much less work on anything in there.
  3. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    Alright. I pulled the valve cover and found that the cam was about 70* degrees off at the T timing mark on the crank. I paralleled the marks on the cam gear with the top of the head but the bike still doesn't fire. Is it possible to have the cam 180* out of position resulting in the plug firing on the exhaust stroke instead of the compression stroke? I still get the air puff from the clutch lever side carb but it's not as bad. Should I pull the head and check the valves, seats, etc? I've got a full set of gaskets for the motor but would definitely prefer it to be an easier fix than that. Gas will pour out of the bowl drains if I open them but I did set the floats so that they are parallel with the bowl gasket flange. The blow back is unburnt fuel. I'll try to borrow a compression tester as it's one of the few tools I haven't bought yet.
  4. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    Hmm. Well I have 2 cdi's (87 and 93) so I might just switch them but they are both from supposedly running bikes. Wonder how much the local honda dealer would charge to check them.
  5. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    Well I took the carbs apart again today and blew all the passages out good with air (~120 psi) and cleaned up the coil connections. Result is a better spark and that's about it. Guess I'll work on the timing tomorrow. If it gets much more irritating I'm going to pull the head off the bike and swap it with the 93's.
  6. angrywasp

    85 xr600 motor swap

    The motor will swap straight over with few minor mods (cables, rear shock, airbox). I'm working on getting my 87 motor running in my 93 frame.
  7. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    Yes I have the 2 carb setup. The XL came with the dual carb 86-87 and the XR came with the dual carb 85-87. Not sure how putting the dual carbs would work on a single carb motor. It requires a different head to use the standard carb mounting boots.
  8. angrywasp

    Stator Trouble

    I'm probably more mechanically inclined and experienced than most people but it's pretty much a piece of cake for someone who is all thumbs. You'll need a gasket for the left side cover and the stator. Depending on what you go with (ebay/OEM/aftermarket) the stator could be $40-$300. Unscrew the allen head bolts to remove the cover. The stator is held on with 3 bolts so it's easy to remove but be careful or you may strip the bolt holes out. You will also probably have some oil come out of the cover so you'll need some sort of catch pan to hold the oil.
  9. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    It's an XR. The XL was the street legal version. Maybe it's time to fire up the air compressor, disassemble carbs, and apply air to every opening on them to make sure all the passages are clear.
  10. angrywasp

    Starting problem possibly carb related

    Yes. The carbs get fuel. I actually had to work with the floats a little to get them to stop overflowing after the first cleaning.
  11. I'm about to give up on my XR's. I've got an 87 XR motor in my 93 frame and I just cannot get it to fire up. I do have spark (not great but a good solid blue spark) but I can't get the carbs to send fuel. I've taken them apart several times and cleaned them but still can't get fuel to flow. The diffuser holes and the idle jets are clean and clear. Is there another part I need to check/clean that could be causing the problem? I don't get any fuel into the cylinder even with the throttle pinned while kicking it over. I do get a puff of air/fuel mix from the clutch lever side carb when I kick the bike over several times in a row. Could that be the problem and if so what could cause it and what do I need to do to fix it? I've got a complete 93 motor that's disassembled if there are some parts needed. I may part the XR's out and use the money to pick up a running XR or a CR500 to go with my CR250R if I can't fix this thing.
  12. angrywasp

    Wiring harness issues

    I've got a 93 and 87 XR600. I bought both in a nonrunning condition. I'm having trouble with the stator wiring. I've looked at a lot of threads using search and have run into an issue. I want to use the stator from the 87 as it's a 200w (no idea what brand) instead of the stock one from the 93. The problem is that I don't know how to match up all the wires from the 200w. I can match 2 (w/y and br/r) of the 4 but I'm not sure of where the other 2 (y and r) go. I thought about using the stock one but I can only match the br/r. I'm not sure what color the other one is since it's so discolored from grease and dirt. The wiring harness was a little chopped up when I got it so I'm having to do a little repair work as I go. I'm using the 87's motor with the 93's frame and wiring harness. Here's what I've got. 200w stator wiring Wiring harness Stock stator wiring
  13. angrywasp

    Trying to find a carb part for 87 XR600

    Will do. Then I can finally get the BYP out in the dirt.
  14. angrywasp

    Trying to find a carb part for 87 XR600

    You rock. You need anything from here just ask.
  15. angrywasp

    Trying to find a carb part for 87 XR600

    Well it looks like you're my best shot frankiewhipit. Service Honda sent me an email today saying that they couldn't get it either.