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  1. snowboarddude

    Nuclear cowboyz

    n o p e
  2. I have always used pizza boxes personally
  3. snowboarddude

    I wear glasses... what are my options?

    I race harescrambles and only wear goggles for the start or if it is real dusty. 99% of the time it is just glasses for me.
  4. snowboarddude

    Trailer weave

    Use the correct ball mount so the trailer is level.
  5. snowboarddude

    Northern/Central IL

    You mean other states have riding areas? I am moving!
  6. snowboarddude

    Testing picture

  7. snowboarddude

    Pirelli MX Tires

    Mxxtra ftw
  8. snowboarddude

    The cliffs HS

    I wish i could have made it. Darn adult responsibilites.
  9. snowboarddude

    $99 VholdR at Amazon

    what is a normal "good" price?
  10. snowboarddude

    KnobbyKnife (Copy) 8.99!

    I use a plain razorblade with no heat just fine.
  11. snowboarddude

    7.3L Powerstroke Miles

    look the front suspension over the wheelbearings are kinda pricy. if it is an auto has it been rebuilt? find out the build date. some differences between an early or late 99. can you get some more info on the truck, price xl xlt lariat 2 or 4 wheel drive cab and bed sizes. Any aftermarket guages or tuning? a chip without guages is not a good idea. PICTURES?
  12. The reason you see pros on 4st bikes is thats what they are "given" I race a 03 ktm 200. If any major bike company would "give" me a bike and parts to use for a season you bet your ass i would take the offer.
  13. snowboarddude

    Need some advice...

    Look for snell and dot certification. Then decide what features you want.
  14. snowboarddude

    anybody heard this?

  15. snowboarddude

    adults running 125's with BBs

    If you want a bigbore 125 for in the woods why not just buy a KTM 200?