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  1. ADR09

    2010 KTM's

    Anyone heard anything yet regarding significant changes over the 09's?
  2. ADR09

    What's a fair price?

    Wow! Never knew the otdcyclesports site existed til this morning. Found a killer deal on a WR250F. In fact, it's so affordable, I may look into the 450!
  3. ADR09

    What's a fair price?

    Well, I guess it is what it is! Just surprised me that a volume brand like Yamaha doesn't move much on price. I have seen 08 KTM's for well under list at higher volume stores. And frankly, I am leaning in that direction as a result. They offer all one would want right out of the box.
  4. Looking into a new (2009) WRF. Not sure if I want a 250 or 450. I am 6' and tip in at roughly 195lbs. Problem is I can't seem to get a decent quote from my local dealer. Apparently, the only price he knows is list! Since there is little or no "real" difference between the 08 and the 09, I busted the guy quoting me the 09 list price for an 08 bike! The killer is that I am looking to get my 9 year old his first bike at the same time.
  5. That's what I am talkin' about! Simple, but makes a point! Sweet bike!!
  6. ADR09

    Neck Brace

    What is it about four strokes that throws riders on their heads? I have read on more than one occasion and it concerns me. Is it just a figure of speech or are there people landing on their heads on a regular basis?
  7. ADR09

    08 KTM 250XC-F or 08 RMZ 250???

    Where did you find an 08 xc-f for 5k? I want one!
  8. ADR09

    Steering Stabilizer Which One

    I talked to a KTM dealer and he said that the GPR has a lifetime warranty and the Scotts does not. Is that true? It's also my understanding that several KTM factory riders use the GPR. What's that all about?! I am guessing it, like everything we deal with in life is personal preference.
  9. Hey gang! I just joined yesterday and am really looking forward to the give and take that TT offers. Here is my question; I am looking to buy a new bike. The last bike I owned was a 1970's Yamaha DT360 I received as a birthday gift back when I was all of 14 or 15 years old!! It was a bit much for me at the time but I certainly got used to it pretty quick. I have ridden off and on since but never owned another bike. I have been looking at a KTM xcf 250 for fire road/trail/singletrack riding. I am in my middle 40's and am looking for some opnions. In addition, I am considering a steering damper and have heard varied opinions on both the Scott and GPR dampers. I figured if Team KTM used the GPR it can't be half bad right? Thanks