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  1. BlackOrangeJuice

    Do it yourself Enduro Kit -2007 KTM 450xc-w

    Ture, other switches are easier, but many of them seemed kinda large. Find the what works for you and go for it. I liked the euro-look.
  2. BlackOrangeJuice

    Do it yourself Enduro Kit -2007 KTM 450xc-w

    Here's some pictures; On either side of the headlight mounted on the bark busters are small LED amber lights which run off a LED flasher. Same lights are mounted on the side of the LED tail light/brake light/ plate light DOT approved. Had to cut a small hole to route the wires thru the airbox. Also made some aluninum brackets. I hid the horn and LED flasher behind the headlight. Installed a hydraulic brake switch on the rear brakes. The switch assembly (headlight, horn, flashers) is a Euro OEM for street CEV made in italy. And don't forget about the mini-folding mirror. There's a switch behind the headlight to turn off the lights when just riding offroad daytime. You might also want a small soldering iron to make up the connections. And remember if you are running all regular lights (not LED's ) they burn a lot of power. Another reason for a headlight remote switch. I kept the kill and start switches because they're easier to use offroad. Good luck
  3. BlackOrangeJuice

    A slippery day at Shotgun Creek / Pics

    How do you post the great photos?.. I have some to share
  4. For those who want to make your bike street legal. My KTM was plated in Oregon since it's an EXC without the lights. Here's what I did: 1. Search the internet for the components you want, turn signals, brake light, horn, switches, head light and key. 2. Buy wires and connectors to put all the components together. 3. Build it. This was fun, but not suggested for the non-electrically inclined. Here's some pictures: coming soon.
  5. BlackOrangeJuice

    Stock 2007 KTM 450 xc-w backfire & sputter?

    That's the Mud.. slicker than a trout covered in baby oil and virtually impossible to remove from clothing, engines, seat covers and certain plastics The permatex ultra high-temp (copper colored) gasket sealant seems to have fixed the backfire. The engine still sputters a little...but oh well..
  6. BlackOrangeJuice

    Stock 2007 KTM 450 xc-w backfire & sputter?

    I'll try all suggestions above. Thanks. Maybe this weekend it will be fixed. Mike in Fresno To answer your question; Come to think of it, shortly after purchasing the bike last winter on a yearend deal/steal near cost, I proceeded to completely cover the bike in Oregon mud. The mud created a near ceramic coating baked-on and packed into to the engine/exhaust header which I thought was the problem. It took some work to remove the ceramic dirt/mud coating. After thorough exhaust cleaning (which included a complete exhaust system removal) the bike still backfired. This led me to believe the problem was elsewhere. I will inspect the exhaust header to engine seat again.
  7. What are the possible causes for a stock 2007 KTM 450xc-w to backfire and sputter heavily when the throttle is released after revving? Within 10 hours of riding, the bike started developing sputtering which progressed to a backfire when the throttle is released. The bike runs great, as long as I don't let off the gas:ride: Engine braking down hills has become a pain:foul: not to mention I feel sorry for anyone behind me. The Bike: 2007 KTM 450 xc-w (stock) with 25 hours Clean and well maintained. Maintenance / Checks performed: All valves are within tolerance (0.13 mm) NTE 0.15mm. Clean/New air filter. All new gas (no old gas) Inspect exhaust. Oil/filter changed every 8 hours of riding. Proposed Solutions: Bad gas.. who knows.. ....................result = no change Lift the needle on the FCR carb:...........One clip = minor improvement ...........Two clips = too rich, +worse The sputter seems to be normal, but the backfire is annoying:banghead: My next approach is to completely clean the carburetor and ensure rubber sleeve has a positive seal. Any other technical advice is appreciated.