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  1. Tough time to sell anything.
  2. Kenmore, how about you? As far as riding goes, so far street only on the 'tard. Tires scrubbed to edges (shift lever and pegs too) and I like to ride on one wheel as well. See vid from last weekend.
  3. Thanks. Wish I lived in Hawaii. I keep telling my wife, before I die I have to live somewhere tropical. As a bonus I guess you guys get to ride all sorts of barely legal dirtbikes turned 'tard.
  4. Thanks, they are both alot of fun. I ride mainly in the twisties so the bmw at 100lbs. lighter is def more fun. For long rides the kawi is much smoother and has more motor. My ultimate bike would be something no heavier than the bmw with the kawasaki vertical twin, best of both worlds. This may be the ultimate bike here aprilia sxv with kawasaki versys motor.
  5. Here are mine. Stock and modded, '07 bmw g 650 xmoto and '08 kawasaki versys. Also a little wheelie vid.
  6. Actually I was a TT member first. Looking to find some 'tards to ride with, all my usual crew ride sportbikes.
  7. Debi: so this is where you hang out. Great pics of you and your crew, hope to take a street ride with your group soon and meet some 'tard lovers.