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  1. Paul Gerrity

    Scratched Plastics - my fix

    Yes you are definately on to something. I would have to say that the hobbie heat gun is a better choice than the hair drier. I did a little test on a absolutly destroyed Yamaha side panel starting with a 100 grit wet sand and progressed upward twords 1000 grit wet. After a good cleaning, I stratigically hit her with some heat to bring back the gloss and get out the "whitening" of the plastic from bending. I'm working on figuring out the best polish method using compounds and buffing. I need to go buy a real "buffer" because a drill or grinder are too fast and create too much heat. The results are getting better. The yamaha panel was night and day. I can honestly say that for that panel it was not worth the time, but in due time and with some more testing I will figure out what the aftermarket plastic companies don't want to be common knowledge. Keep trying and share any success/tips.
  2. I could tell you where to find whatever sive foot wear you desire, but wasn't this about db330's bars?
  3. You just might not dig the extra foot dragging with that size 13.5 foot through the ruts. Nobody's forcing anyone to do anything, but if it would kill ya to go to the bike store with an open mind and maybe save some dough than I pity the fool.
  4. Need a new project, all other bikes are good for awhile. Thinking about taking my 06 450x frame and setting in a 95-01 cr 500 motor. Haven't got the:thinking: 500 motor yet but started looking. I'm sure a newer cr 250 frame would be easier to convert but like I said I got this 450 with a grenaded tranny and 1/4" of dust sitting in the corner next to the washing machine with a sad lonely look on it's face. Anyone heard of problems that are beyond welding and minor milling; such as radiator flow and the such?
  5. I'm 6'2" and put protaper ATV bend bars on my 03 525sx. I didn't have to mess with the trip clamps and the fix was only $70. Otherwise you cannot tell the difference in the way it looks but it sure does feel right. The general concensis i got on lowering foot pegs was negative, I was warned against loosing the clearance and possible foot injury. Just be cautious of the brake and clutch lines as well as the throttle when you add the rise, whatever the method.
  6. Paul Gerrity

    82 rm 125 rear shock rebuildable?

    Service manual designates the rear shock as non-rebuildable yet I've seen more than one aftermarket seal kit for 81-83. Any tips would be cool.
  7. Paul Gerrity

    Big bore for xr80r, why can't I find one?

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  8. How is the tension on your timing chain?
  9. I see a big bore kit for everything under the sun except for thumper 80's. I want to take my son off the klx 110 for bigger suspnsion travel and 5 gears but as it is, he is going to miss the power of the 110 unless it gets big bored. Any leads?
  10. I have a pair of twin air filters and combined they have seen 40 plus gas bathes for mere seconds, a light wringing and set it out on my truck tool box in the sun for a quick evap. No rinse, no problem. Never failed, never more then 2 minutes, clean as a whistle. The solids will settle out of the used gas and can be recycled over and over and over. Oh; and you need not be riding dirt bikes if you can't do this without catching yourself on fire.
  11. Anybody tried this or know if they changed the fitup? I appreciate your time to open this and thanks for supporting the sport.
  12. Paul Gerrity

    Approx 300 hours, and inside look.

    I just helped my buddy tear down his valves on his 250r and same prognosis- go titanium on the intakes and be religious on the adjustments. Exhaust will clean up nice and not out of limits. Maybe spring rate to high on intakes to cause cupping. Will machine seats and give report on titanium life. By the way Krannie, killer report, well done. By the way; need bottom end for blown tranny and both cases for 06 450x, any leads, please advise, Thx.
  13. Paul Gerrity

    Plated vs Non-Plated - California

    I heard that once a bike has a plate, it needs insurance for the rest or it's life-plate or no plate. Is this true?
  14. Paul Gerrity

    How hard can they hit me?

    That's right, most of what happens in the city coffers is one sided, crooked and agenda driven; the more they get, the more they go for. Voting doesn't mean much when opertunities to vote are steered and selected to bias the results and bills are shadowed with trickey wording and missdirection. The people have not been represented in a long time and nothing will change unless the sleeping giant wakes up and takes notice and remembers he has a pair even when he doesn't have "permission". FTLibs