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  1. madmax_087

    Dusted off the 91' XR250R today

    Nice video. Looks like you have a fun little track there in your own yard. Dodging stumps isnt exactly my cup of tea, but you looks like you are sure having a blast on that thing. Good to see an old bike still running that well!
  2. madmax_087

    Black fenders

    I did a simple Google search for "XR400 plastics". It redirected me back here. Do some searching around here and on Google before making another thread on this. Check this thread: http://www.thumperta...-xr400-plastic/
  3. madmax_087

    97' 400 engine noise

    Crap... My '97 tings a bit too, and lately I've been pushing it harder than ever! Now I have to go check for loose bolts!
  4. madmax_087

    Any good riding near Peonix?

    Oh, this is great. I need to go grab this book, Me and the guys from work are always looking for more trails to ride, I get tired of the same stuff around Saguaro Lake, Gold Canyon, and Sycamore Creek. Anyone know of anything specific on the East/Northeast side?
  5. madmax_087

    Pit Bikes... Lets see 'em!!

    You guys have already seen my bike (very first picture), so here is some of it in action. Took the bike and the girl out to ride: just braap'n around the girl totally comfortable at WOT on the straight!! *so proud*
  6. madmax_087

    A bike for the Pops

    thats what i was thinking. He is still pretty set on the CRF250, but i really think he would benfit from the E-start of an X. What years of CRF250R/X are best? im looking into a couple 07 250R's right now, they seem fairly clean and one has the the entire engine gone through, new top and bottom end. im skeptical of this, as im thinking it was a race or practice bike for a racer. (I know this isnt exactly the right forum for these kinds of Q's, but i figured since we're on the subject...)
  7. madmax_087

    A bike for the Pops

    We'll have to go look around and see what he is confortable on, i just know he was tippy toes on the 450 . How is the power on the CRF230? i've heard the suspension was sub-par on those, but they may have stepped it up a notch on the newer models, no? Ill look into all three of these (DRZ, CRF230 and KDX). Thanks for the replies!!
  8. madmax_087

    Pit Bikes... Lets see 'em!!

    wow... there are some ridiculously legit pit bikes in here!! just taught the GF how to ride a couple weeks back, shes hooked.
  9. madmax_087

    A bike for the Pops

    I ride an XR400 now, but that will be going to the girlfriend because ill be on the CRF from now on. The XR400 is too tall for him, thats why he was looking into 250's. i was thinking maybe a DR-Z250 or something similar? I think he will like the e-start on the DR-Z. Ill look into the KDX200 as well. The main reason I want to stay away from 2-stroke because neither of us like dealing with pre-mixing, i personally dont like the noise, and the trails we ride are better for four strokes because the broad powerband.
  10. Ok guys, My dad is in the market for a new (to him) bike. He has been riding bikes since he was a kid in the '60's, so he has plenty of experience. He bought a used '07 CRF450R, and it is a great bike, super strong and fast. but its also waayy too much for him. He isnt that big of a guy at about 5'8" and around 150lbs. Last time he rode it, he wrecked pretty bad and broke his shoulder. Now, after almost 2 season being off a bike, he has his strength (and courage) back up to get back on. But he's admitted to not being able to handle the 450, and he wants a 250F after riding a friend's before the accident. He does not need a race bike by any means, he only rides desert. no dunes or tracks, ever. This brings me to my question: What is a good bike for a medium sized older guy for dedicated desert trail riding? (no two-strokes, nothing exotic [KTM, BMW, Gas-Gas, etc.]). He will be buying used, and budget is something around $2-2.5K. Looking for years '07 and up. Thanks for any help!!
  11. haha this is all i've ever heard about these bikes!
  12. madmax_087

    Pit Bikes... Lets see 'em!!

    this thing is so crazy!!! where did you get that and what year is it?! here is what my blue one used to look like for about a year, after a spill into an asphalt driveway. Notice the bent front rim!! and here is the crapper i traded to get the parts together to get it running again:
  13. madmax_087

    Pit Bikes... Lets see 'em!!

    There are a lot of people posting on here with questions and what not, but no one posts any ride pics! Lets see your rides everyone, from the super janky street beaters to the super expensive outlandish racers!!! I'll go first: unknown year Roketa. 125cc.
  14. madmax_087

    Orion? SSR?

    holy crap that thing looks awesome!! if you can afford this thing, man... must be nice!
  15. madmax_087

    Just got two 2010 ssr 125s and got PLATES!

    I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and even more so now since i just got my lil Roketa up and running again. congrats dude, im super jealous!!