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  1. I set mine on the 6th position yesterday. The popping has gotten a little better, but the pipe still glows. FWIW, it seems to run strong, it just glows and pops.
  2. I will check that out. I doubt its been taken apart, but its worth a shot. Also if my bike idles for more than a minute or so, the header pipe glows.
  3. Yeah the exhaust is good. I know dirtbikes pop a little on decel, but this doesnt seem right. I have a friend that had a WR450 motor in his TZ250 and even with the A/F set right on the dyno, it still popped pretty bad. Is it something with these bikes or am I going crazy?
  4. I know this has been beat to death, but I cant figure out the jetting problem with my bike. No matter how I jet it, it seems to run lean. I jetted it based on others jet settings and what the JD kit says to do and it pops BADLY on decel no matter what I do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Here is my setup. 06 WR450 Grey wire cut and throttle stop modified (by previous owner) AIS removal kit installed (by previous owner) Holes on airbox removed (by previous owner) FMF 4.1 Slip on Carb jets: Main: 170 Pilot: 48 JD Red needle at 4th position from top Fuel screw 2.25 turns out Stock air filter 800ft above sea level 80-95 degrees lately
  5. Dav810

    Case cover removal

    This is the bolt hole I was talking about. I had to change the cover gasket so I took this picture to show you the hidden bolt.
  6. Dav810

    Case cover removal

    On the part of the cover that covers the starter, there is a cap over it with a little mark on the top if it. Pull that off and the starter clutch will fall out. There is a bolt behind there.
  7. Dav810

    WSBK Starts TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone wants to see Race 2 before Tuesday, here is a link to it. CUT AND PASTE LINK INTO BROWSER mms://infrontsp.wmod.llnwd.net/a1386/o16/Free/WorldSBK/2009/BlockUS/20090301_SBK_PHILLIP_ISLAND_RACE2_FR.wmv
  8. Dav810

    Kind of a stupid question

    Cool, thanks. The Vapor works pretty good. I got it up to 104mph earlier. The tach works pretty good, maybe a very slight delay, but nothing to sweat. I need to go back thru the directions and see why its not reading coolant temp. I probably just didnt program it right or something.
  9. Dav810

    WSBK Starts TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to WSBK, Ben
  10. I put on a Vapor speedo the other day and I noticed something different and I need someone WITHOUT a Vapor to see if Im right. When you start the bike, does the red light on the ignition switch go out? Since I put the Vapor on, I noticed that light goes out when the bike is started. I just dont remember if it went out when I had the stock speedo hooked up. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Dav810

    Metal shavings on rear wheel

    Yeah, like I said, I put it back on to test it. I plan on getting another sprocket and chain, so I dont really care if these get messed up. But they dont seem to be....
  12. Dav810

    Metal shavings on rear wheel

    Honestly I have no idea. I put it back together and made sure everything was lined up, and took it for a ride. No problems. Its been over 200 miles now and still no problems. Im gonna get another sprocket and see what happens with that. Stupid bikes
  13. Dav810

    Metal shavings on rear wheel

    After asking around, the spacers were put in correctly. Big spacer on the sprocket side, smaller one on the brake side.
  14. Dav810

    Metal shavings on rear wheel

    This is all I got. Ive only used a non Oring chain.
  15. Dav810

    Metal shavings on rear wheel

    Yeah I thought about that last night. Im taking it over to a friends place to figure it out later today