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  1. jetstream

    Storing Steel Tank

    What is the best way to store a stock steel tank.? Dry w /cap on dry w/cap off, Leave fuel in or slosh some trans oil or similar? Getting a plastic tank so steel may be stored a long time. Thanks
  2. jetstream

    Rolling Resistance

    After replacing the fact. BS/tw's w/Pirelli Scorpions a three tank avg. of gas reveals a 10 mpg increase was 25 straight stop and go. Now 35 that is a real jump. Wish changing tires on the car would yield that much diff. Oh btw running 14/45 sprkts. w/140/80 rear.
  3. jetstream

    plastic fuel tank color

    I have been wanting to get a plastic tank for my XRL and want white but what I 've seen in white leaves a lot to be desired the ones with even a short amount of use and sun exposure are dingy beige to yellowish. Is this how it is going to be for all the major brands if so red will be the color I'll go with.
  4. jetstream

    New tires what a difference

    Did you have to do any mods like chain guard brkt. I have the same windscreen and its pretty good for the money. MY 140/80 may be looking for new home.
  5. jetstream

    New tires what a difference

    oh I fell into the size matters trap I guess, really I do 90% street now and thought a little extra contact patch. This is the closet fit Without cutting chain guard support. This tire is wider than I thought close to 6 in. it raised the bike up over an in. after I had just put the lowering link in.
  6. jetstream

    New tires what a difference

    Well after sleepless nights of reading the threads on tires I bought 2 Pirelli MT90/AT scorpions in 90/90 frt. 140/80 rr. Got them installed at a one man shop with a new tube $24 total. I can't believe the dif. in rolling resistance to the orig. BS TWS'. this bike will coast at least 3x further. The steering is a little more tricky no more look ma no hands.! My gas mileage should improve. Overall They seem ok for a preponderance of street riding. One drawback, they cancel out my lowering link oh well That corbin seat in the future should help with that.
  7. jetstream

    Transalp Africa Twin

    A co-loafer was talking about putting a 650 or 750 twin in a xr650l frame. He said like a Transalp and an Africa Twin. What are, were these bikes and is a swap like this possible or just not a good idea. Are these bikes a collectors bike and are they rare and hard to find?
  8. jetstream

    tire toss up XRL

    After reading most of the threads on dual sport tires and read reviews on the web I am stuck between an IRC gp110 and a Pirelli MT90 A/T 80-90% street but a Sat. on lake roads. With $amt close Is it a toss up?
  9. jetstream

    Street Tires

    forgive me but does that mean a stock xrl rim would have to run a tube in them
  10. jetstream

    Street Tires

    I have decided to try a set of street tires on my L' Just not enough offroad areas so 90 % is street some dirt roads that is it. I can't seem to find much on these type tires. Wanted to try some Distanzias first. Are they a good choice and what about tubeless if that is all they come in. What is the widest I could go with. Anyone used these before or are now? Basically I would try what one of you guys suggest ,not having much exper. myself so please help. As usual thanks in advance.
  11. jetstream

    Mpg This Bad?

    Thanks everybody I see my miles are not way out of the norm. I bought the bike with all things done. I only know that the owner said all the Dave's Mods and jetting were done. I hesitated to mess with it being a neophyte to bikes because it will just let me crack the throttle w.o. and it will pull like rip-tide without a hiccup or burp until it blows up or I back-off.
  12. jetstream

    Mpg This Bad?

    04' 650l mods done s.s. header xrsonly silencer running 14/45 1800mi. Tank holds ~ 2.7 gal. w/.6 of that being res. Adding 2 gal when engine dies and switching to res. I managed only 51 miles before hitting the res. Now Although math was a bad dream that figures to be 25 mpg. granted that is city mostly under 40mph but that really is lousy. Engine runs flawless from idle to wide open. Starts first crank just seems it should do better. Oh it does have a 235 pound lard ass riding it.
  13. jetstream

    chain reaction

    what is the number of chain links to a 650l as it comes out of the carton. The dealer asked if I needed 112 or 120. I want to buy a chain that is ready from box to bike. no cutting no breaking. Is there such a thing and where can I get one.
  14. jetstream

    update on 13 th cs x 45 rear (BRP)

    Is the 02' R streetable tag title etc. If so compare it to the L' I might switch
  15. jetstream

    update on 13 th cs x 45 rear (BRP)

    Thanks, I think I will get a new chain to go with the 14 and keep the shortened chain for the 13 in case I want to feel the zing again .