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  1. Thank you all very much for the suggestions. I've jetted a few Kehins on KTM 300's, but I never had to remove them. This YZ125 has a Mikuni which I've never messed with before. The bike has seen very little riding in the last 4 years, but it's running very good, just has the overflow leak. Are they fairly easy to remove without getting all the hoses confused?
  2. My son's 2003 YZ125 leaks fuel out of the carb overflow hose at idle, and near-idle rpms. It also continues leaking after the engine is shut off. Once the fuel petcock is turned off, it stops leaking after a few seconds . I'm not sure if this is likely due to the float needing adjusting or not. It hasn't been ridden much in the last few years, but it never leaked prior to that period of inactivity. Thanks, Terry
  3. Do you have a YZ 250 or 250F? At any rate, I'd keep what you have or get a new one.
  4. Think you could do better now. Locally, '08 YZ 250F's are $4899 and without even haggling, was told $5500 OTD. Just the same, I ended up getting a '09 YZ 250F, but I came so close to getting the '09 KX 250F.
  5. I prefer white too, which is why I bought one over the blue. Your bike is waaaay beotchin dude. Looks nice!
  6. I came close to buying the new '09 KX 250F, and I mean very close to buying, but at the last moment, chickened out for the tried and true, ultra-reliable YZ 250F. I picked up a new white '09 YZ 250F and it has quickly become possibly my favorite bike. The suspension is very nice, and I haven't re-sprung or revalved for my heavier weight. It turns nicely, and gets me through good sized whoops unscathed, and soaks up all the hard pack. The motor is very strong, but I can only compare it to an '05 CRF 250. I just installed a Two Bros. exhaust system but haven't tried it out yet, other than being an old delinquent riding it up and down the street. Like someone previously said, it's hard to find anything to complain about. Personally, I dig the white, but I think it might look a little better with some blue mixed in the shroud decals instead of the dark red. It's a very stunning bike to behold, imo.
  7. I see what you mean. But changing plugs can't be any easier.
  8. That looks kind of like my TM. Mine is a 2007 EN 300, with Ohlins rear, and Marzocchi 50mm forks. A very sweet bike. Much better than my KTM 300. Had to ditch the seat cover for a custom made tall-soft, with a black Zeta seat cover. Didn't care for the blue cover at all.
  9. Tell you what I really don't like about the Husky's. The skinny little shrouds need to go. They're just wimpy looking compared to the look of any other bike. And the way they just go straight across just doesn't look right in my eyes. Other than that, they're cool bikes. I just came close to buying a new TXC 250, but....don't laugh now....I chose a '09 YZ 250F instead. Husky some other time.....soon.
  10. Not fair. Asking which looks better; the Husky or TM, in a Husky forum just aint fair. But for me, I'd take the TM any day. They're very trick bikes. In fact I haven't seen anything as trick coming out of a production bike. TM baby!
  11. Klotz is the best smelling oil to my sniffer. I know Samurai oil has a strawberry scent. But what the heck is Putoline?
  12. What is it, a 250F?
  13. That's nasty looking, but as old as it is, I can understand why. They're not made to last, I suppose.
  14. I only have 3 hours on my '09 250F so I haven't cleaned the filter yet. I did get a new Twin Air filter today to oil and replace the stock unit, so then I'll get to see what exactly you guys are referring to. Is the stock filter decent, or should I just toss it?
  15. 220, is that all? I just got a '09 YZ 250F and I've got a few pounds more than you do. I'm 6'4" and about 250 lbs. I don't ride tracks, just off-road and this bike hauls my butt around fine. I swapped the rear 49T for a 47T to give a little more top-end and for what I want it for, it's perfect. I'm not a racer - my other bikes are KTM and TM 300's(2 strokes). I wanted another bike that was lighter and more manageable. That's what I got with the YZ 250F. Sure I could have got a YZ 450F since I'm a big guy, but I already have 2 bikes for big guys. But I did think about it, but still went back to the light and flickable 250F and I love this bike as much as any I've owned. Oh, and right out of the box, the suspension actually seems to work for my weight. Maybe a 290 kit is in my future.