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  1. Yamaha

    Rejet it
  2. That expansion chamber lowers the sound by 1 decible. Brett
  3. That is just pure awsome... Can I test? Brett
  4. charge and start at the same time? Mabey you killed the battery... Brett
  5. bouncy, bouncy... But I think that it is old.
  6. Doesent it have a little battery in it? Brett
  7. Yes they may be paralyzed, but are they still alive? That's the question you should ask yourself. Brett
  8. I think that you will be needing a new tube...
  9. It's always crazy there starting today or tommorw...
  10. photoshop with layers
  11. Pm Dave, MRD is the only way to go.... imo
  12. Cant go wrong with MRD... otherwise I have no idea
  13. Hahaha, funny people. MRD is the way to go forsure. Ask Dave of his opnion about using duals or singles. Whatever he says, I would go with-after all he is the one that makes the exausts. Just my opnion. Brett
  14. Or, you could just sell your R for an X?
  15. Did you try not to "crack" the throttle?