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  1. JulCRF

    Help! Shops in L.A Please

    im in beverly hills a friend told me about moto x wear at burbank i think ill try i didnt see anything else around here if some one knows a place next to me thet will help me alot thank you!
  2. hey guys im in L.A for one more day and i really want to buy some stuff for my crf and for me if you guys know a place here where i can buy cool stuff please let me know tnx!
  3. 100% sure i bought an 09 and bought the skidplates of 08 and it fitted same frame dont worry.
  4. JulCRF

    Powdercoating Hubs

    im looking for the color code here in israel and i cant find it can you please post a pic of your color and give me the code of you color thenks!
  5. Hey im from israel and i just bought a crf250r 09 and i want to powder coat my hubs in the red metalic color that i see on pics everywhere but i cant find that color here can someone please help me find the number of that color please help me:banghead:
  6. JulCRF

    Crf250r 2009 Black

    that is the bike that i bought in budapest ! i wanted to see some pics of 09 to get some ideas what to do with the bike
  7. JulCRF

    Crf250r 2009 Black

    yes we have tons of places where to ride some tracks trails dunes everything but its not legal here so we have our own track and thats it
  8. JulCRF

    Crf250r 2009 Black

    Hey guys im from israel and i bought a crf250r 09 in black from hungary and im bringing the bike to israel because its not legal here i was wondering if someone has the same bike i would like to see graphics or skid plates to see how it looks on the bike and i was wondering maybe ill paint the hubs in red if you have any ideas for me please share so please post pic's if you have any. thanks! AND SORRY IF I DID SOME MISTAKES WITH MY ENGLISH. and i didnt find how to post some pics of my bike so sorry
  9. i want to buy crf250r 09 and i would like to see your 09 please post your pics thanks!
  10. JulCRF

    lets see your backyard or private tracks

    i wishhh we had a track like that in israel!!!
  11. JulCRF

    adventure brace

    and can anyone tell me if its comfy and if it worth the 225 $ ?
  12. JulCRF

    adventure brace

    please post pics with the straps and everything thenk u very much!
  13. JulCRF

    san diego supercross

    hey i would like to know when is next supercross race im from israel and i dont know where to check this can someone please help me with that thnks!
  14. JulCRF

    adventure brace

    please post pic's of the brace only with the straps too please! tnx!
  15. JulCRF


    lol cool vid!