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  1. Old MX fart

    09 kx250f

    Agree, I would say a 4.3 on the shock spring and the .42 fork springs you have in there sounds good !
  2. Old MX fart

    09 kx250f

    Did you check your sag ?
  3. Old MX fart

    2010 KTM 250sx 2-stroke Suspension

    Already have one of those. Are the internals similar to the Showas and KYBs ? Same size shims ? Thanks again !
  4. A friend of mine is buying a 2010 KTM 250sx 2-stroke and he weights 210lbs. no gear. I'm going to help him setup his suspension for his weight. I have worked on KYB and Showa suspensions many times ! I have serviced and revalved many suspensions but have never worked on a KTM. I know the 09-10 Honda CRF450's KYBs, The older 04-08 Honda Showas like the back of my hand. I have worked on allot of Yamahas also, But this is going to be my first KTM. Anything I need to know about the valving or does anybody have the stock stacks so I can study them ? I have already ordered the springs and all the other goodies. Anything I need to know in particular ? Anything to watch for ? Any little tricks I need to know ? Its going to be strictly MX and he is a strong B-rider. Any advice would be greatly appreciated !
  5. Old MX fart

    09 CRF 450 fork springs

    Go with the .48's. Forks need to be revalved to work right. Midvalve is way too soft stock.
  6. Old MX fart

    shock snapped in half - crf450 forum

    Just wondering if he got the shaft too hot when he ground off the factory peen ?
  7. Old MX fart

    shock valving

    Wow ! That is a soft stack ! What kind and size of bike is this on ?
  8. Old MX fart

    08 CRF 450 Forks !

    The chassis on my Honda feels pretty good. I have the FC linkage on it. It corners real good. I'm perfectly comfortable on the bike now. I never could get my Yamaha to corner right. I'm going to sell it because I never ride it anymore.
  9. Old MX fart

    08 CRF 450 Forks !

    I know alot of people are having problems getting the midstroke harshness out of these forks. I finally got mine working right ! I'm 215 no gear and ride MX only. I'm using 4.9 springs, 370cc of oil. 5wt. inner and outer. I changed the ICS springs, If I remember right to 1.66's. I know alot of you don't like doing that. I'm using the FC checkvalve spring with the stock midvalve and stock float. I'm using the FC low speed valves, Oil lock collars and MX spring seats. I'm using a pretty basic basevalve stack with a bleed. They are night and day difference from stock ! They are not soft at all, but feel real good. Not as plush as a KYB but pretty close ! They work like they should ! I didn't do everything all at once, It took me quite a bit of time & testing to get it right ! Lets hear some of your input !
  10. Old MX fart

    2010 CRF 250 Stock Fork Specs

    Try lowering your fork oil to the lowest setting in your manual. We ended up at 350cc on the 09 CRF250. Hope this helps !
  11. Old MX fart

    2010 CRF 250 Stock Fork Specs

    You can leave the midvalve stock for now. Putting the 20's in the midvalve helps it stay up in the stroke especially when your blasting through a set of whoops. As the springs break in and get softer then you can worry about adding the 20's to the midvalve. If you soften up the base valve alot, then you might want to start adding maybe one 20, the forks work pretty good that way. You can play around with the fork oil too.
  12. Old MX fart

    My new shock lowering spacer

    What class do you ride in ? What state are you in ?
  13. Old MX fart

    My new shock lowering spacer

    Rick, how much do you weight ? let me know what springs and stacks you have in there now. I've been tuning these 09's for the last nine months. I will see if I can help you.
  14. Old MX fart

    2010 CRF 250 Stock Fork Specs

    Thats a good point 455 ! I like to soften up the shock so when you blast through a big set of whoops it uses all of the travel without bottoming. Or using all the travel flat landing a big jump. Not to the point where the tire hits the rear fender. If you make a mistake and over jump a really big jump and the tire slight rubs the fender you know your pretty close. They will come out of a corner better too. That would make sense compensating with more rebound. All I know is that it works !
  15. Old MX fart

    2010 CRF 250 Stock Fork Specs

    I always seem to end up with 6 to 7 on the 450's. 9 to 10 on the 250's. I always use FC compression adjuster springs too. I'm in Ohio really works well up here.